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Pupil Testimonials

"I used to think that I enjoyed learning before I attended King William's College, but looking back on my time, I realise that here is where it all began. It's exhilarating to be part of such a close knit community where passionate teachers and friends alike push you into becoming the best you could possibly be. It's comforting to know that when I leave I'll still have a safety net of friends and teachers who genuinely care, supporting me every step of the way in case I fall backwards."

Anna Hall
"I have loved my time here at KWC. The opportunities and memories I have experienced are irreplaceable.

One of my favourite memories are the school trips I have been on. The ski trip to Colorado was so much fun, also the Australia hockey tour. My highlights being, snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and white water rafting (as well as playing hockey of course).

In school, getting involved in house events, house Drama, Music, Sport and Shout, as well as the school shows Guys and Dolls and The Jungle Book, have been so enjoyable and enabled me to appreciate other aspects school life.

I have so many fun memories and all contribute to making time at KWC so worthwhile!"

Bethan Kirkham
"I have loved my time at KWC. My fondest memory would have to be either beating Lymm High School at Rugby this year and the buzz we all had after or taking part in House Drama as a gay french sailor. I have particularly enjoyed sitting in the 6th Form centre with my friends laughing at the amount of work we have to do, because it has gone past crying about it! This would only happen at an IB school and I'm glad I got to experience it."

Dominic Long
"I've loved my time at College, especially in the Sixth Form. My greatest memories come from school events such as, the Epiphany dinner and living in the girls' boarding house. The best thing about school is the feeling of support and camaraderie, which is plentiful in School House. I will miss many things when I leave, but most of all I will miss the sense of community."

Nadia Theaker
"Being a student at King William's College has taught me so many things - from the charm of finding gradients of graphs to the importance of finding what you are truly passionate about. The Chapel Service we had by the sea last year was one of the most beautiful memories I will always come back to. Only once I had appreciated the sense of community, I could understand the importance of being individual and following my own path."

Lucy Ovanesyan
"I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people - students, teachers, lecturers - from all parts of the world. I have been then able to develop so many different skills and I feel that this has perfectly set me up for life at university, which I just wouldn't have got anywhere else in the Island.

The amazing lectures that we have had the opportunity to go to and the wide range that they offer.

The perfect opportunities for me to prove to myself that theatre is where I should be and the support I have had from the department and my great tutor. The general support from staff at College is something that will be greatly missed and has helped me on countless occasions.

The formal dinners and the Sixth Form Ball have made me socialise with new people and see how many people have so many similar interests and how these vary.

As you can see, I will greatly miss College and I'm sad it will only be two years of my life..."

Stephanie Masserick
"A memory which will live with me forever is running from the pavilion through a tunnel of students onto Big Side vs Castle Rushen in Lower Sixth. No sensation can compare."

Stevie Bradley
"I have enjoyed my time at KWC since day one and it is probably my best decision to date choosing this school. A combination of the wonderful people, helpful staff, unforgettable atmosphere, amazing school trips and opportunities that I will never forget, make this school a very special place to be educated."

Ben Collins
"College has offered me so much more than a just an education. The experiences I've had from glacial hikes in Iceland to skiing in the Rockies in Colorado are unforgettable - there has never been a dull moment! The friendships I've made at College will last a lifetime and in years to come I will look back on the moments I have had with fondness."

Jennifer Sinker-Walsh

Parent Testimonials

"Our son has been with the school for two terms and he has settled in very well with the full support of the boarding staff and teachers, who have demonstrated great kindness and caring. The highly disciplined, but dynamic education system, has helped our 13-year-old son to adapt well and his confidence has noticeably improved in a short space of time.

What's especially pleasing is that not only does the College have an excellent calibre of teaching staff and a strong academic curriculum, but we have been surprised and delighted to discover their excellent music achievements! We cannot be more pleased with our decision to send him here all the way from Hong Kong!"

Raudres and Conrad Fong, Hong Kong
"It is with deep emotion that my wife and I received your kind letter informing us of the gracious decision of King William's College to award Sayeed Laetitia Hegan Bates prize. We are indeed overwhelmed by the citation. We are also touched by your meticulous evaluation of our son. We are all the more grateful for the wholesome atmosphere in which Sayeed spent the last two years. His inherent qualities could only be nurtured in the scholastic and yet relaxed ambience of KWC. As parents we have always said to him that whilst his academic achievements are most important to us, his integrity, character, manners is non-negotiable. We shall never compromise on these. We have often said that it would sadden us if he did poorly in his studies, but would shatter us if his character would be questioned. He should learn to be fully accommodative, but inculcate a spirit of self respect and love for all - particularly for those who seem to offend him. It is easy to fight, but the challenge is to turn the enemy into a friend.

Honourable Principal, forgive me the oriental gushing, but we sincerely believe the best thing that happened to Sayeed was KWC.

As Sayeed prepares to go forth I am confident the memory of his time at KWC will sustain him and your blessings will be a source of inspiration."

Hasan Chowdhury
"My son Stanislav started at King William's College in September 2013. Thanks to the international environment in his boarding house he has met lots of people from other countries. He has made really good friends with children from Germany, Italy, Russia and Kirgystan. English kids regularly invite him over to their houses for birthdays or parties, once he stayed with a local friend for his half term holidays. Stanislav is very happy about it. On his second day at the College he told me excitedly: "The whole school talks to me!". The pastoral care is outstanding and he always looks forward to going back to the Isle of Man, even at the end of the summer holidays."

Natalia Strein
"We are so happy that our son decided to take the plunge and move to King William's College. He has thoroughly enjoyed the last 15 months and, we feel, is a different child in that he is infinitely happier and more confident. Although he wasn't unhappy at his previous school, it is clear that it was just somewhere you went and got on with. We seem to be having problems keeping him out of KWC! As far as he is concerned there is no question that he will be attending the Sixth Form and hopefully will continue to thoroughly enjoy life at College."

Faced with the difficult choice of our daughters remaining at a perfectly good state school in the Isle of Man, we chose to send them to King William’s College to study the International Baccalaureate. The outcome in both cases was a resounding endorsement of our decision, since King William’s College operates and delivers at a different level.

Past Parent of two 6th Form Students