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Pupils who take the Edexcel Physical Education option are examined by a written paper - The Theory of Physical Education (40%), and practical activities - The Performance in Physical Education (60%).

Unit 1 - Written Examination 1 hour 30 minutes
This unit is externally assessed and includes multiple choice, short answer and longer answer questions.

Unit 2 – The Performance in Physical Education
This unit involves six tasks. Four performances in a practical context, in the role of player, official or leader, at least two performances must be in the role of player. Performances must be taken from a minimum of two different activity areas. The pupils need to analyse performance in a selected physical activity and plan, perform and evaluate a personal exercise programme. This unit is internally assessed under controlled conditions and externally moderated.

The aim of the course is to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in Lower Fifth Physical Education lessons. It gives exciting opportunities to be involved in a number of different physical activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Pupils should have an interest in physical education and sport, enjoy being active and appreciate the benefits of keeping healthy.

During the two years pupils will:


IB - Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Syllabus Outline


  1. Anatomy
  2. Exercise Physiology
  3. Energy Systems
  4. Movement Analysis
  5. Skill in Sport
  6. Measurement and evaluation of human performance

Extended Core (Higher Level only)

Option Modules

Written External Assessment:

Paper 1 (20%) 45 minutes
Multiple choice questions on core syllabus.

Paper 2 (35%) 1 hour 15 minutes
Section A: one data question and several short-answer questions on the core.
Section B : one extended-response question on the core.

Paper 3 (25%) 1 hour
Several short answer questions in each of the two options studied.

Internal Assessment (25%)

Students will be expected to complete 40 hours (60 hours for Higher Level) of practical and internal assessment work, including 10 hours on a collaborative interdisciplinary project with other Group 4 sciences. Students are expected to design experiments, carry out experiments, analyse results and come to conclusions supported by the data.

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