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Sport Overview

Pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum of activities. Activities covered include:

At the beginning of the Fifth Form, pupils are made aware of some of the IGCSE topics, this creates an insight to some of the issues they may study the following year. They are introduced to the concept of analysis of performance and learn the fundamentals necessary to enhance their own performance and to improve that of other pupils. Pupils also start to learn the role of the official in the sports in which they are competent performers.

Pupils are able to opt for Physical Education as a full IGCSE, following the Edexcel course. Those pupils not selecting PE as an option have two games lessons per week.

All pupils in this year group experience a variety of different activities - some of which will be their own choice. The emphasis at this stage is more about participation and game play rather than learning skills directly. The opportunity to play visiting teams is a regular feature as is a mainland fixture in the major games.

Pupils access regular games lessons throughout their time at King William's College. All the major games are taught and played to a very high standard. Each lesson is taught to meet the varying needs of each pupil. A wide range of pupils represent College in all the major games in each year group.

During the Winter Term, the boys perform in Rugby and the Girls in Hockey. The 1st XV Rugby and 1st XI Hockey teams have been incredibly successful both on the Island and in the UK, where they play regular fixtures against other schools at weekends. The first XV Rugby team also compete in the national Natwest Competition. Every three years, the senior Rugby and Hockey teams embark on an impressive world sports tour during the summer months. The Girls' hockey tour has been to the Far East, Canada and Australia. The boys' rugby tour has been to Canada, Australia and South Africa. 

Football is the main sport for boys and Netball for girls during the Spring Term. Again, both activities are competed in successfully on and off the Island at Senior Level. The girls are extremely successful in all their competitive matches, benefiting from one of the Island's top Netball coaches.

Cricket is the main summer sport for boys. KWC has an excellent tradition and reputation at producing good cricket players and teams. All years compete regularly on and off the Island, competing successfully against all other schools. The girls partake in Rounders and compete against all the other Island schools with great success.

Basketball can also be enjoyed by the boys at King William's College. There are three teams across all year groups that compete against all the other Island schools. Recent successes in the Island's competitions show that KWC are becoming a notable force.

We are determined to build on our strong foundation of sporting success and keep as many pupils as possible representing their School in as many sports as they can. Sport will always remain a vital part of education and we are making every effort to retain our well known, variety and excellence in sport.

I loved King William’s College from the start. I made up my mind within an hour of our time there that I wanted my son to attend. You have to come to College to understand what makes it stand out from the rest. It is a place of genuinely caring and friendly people. Another aspect of College we love is its vast international community. Our son has made some great friends and as a result has come to appreciate and respect other cultures and traditions. Our son loves College. He loves the independence to make choices, the easy access he has to his tutors, the opportunity to make his own mistakes and learn from them, but most of all, he loves the fact that expert assistance is always a breath away.

U5 Overseas Parent