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Extra-curricular activities are offered regularly in a wide number of sports during the year and, although these clubs are not compulsory, all pupils are encouraged to participate regularly to enhance their performance and level of fitness.

The PE Department offers a wide range of extra-curricular sports clubs at lunchtime and after school. Each year group receives an after school practice for each major game depending on the season. In that session the focus will be on improving the skills and techniques of the individual and of the School team, however we do encourage players of all abilities to attend.

Lunchtime clubs are offered throughout the year where students receive additional coaching and can also attend recreational sports clubs, where they can learn sports away from a competitive environment.


Girls' After School Clubs

Boys' After School Clubs

All after-school clubs and training sessions are from 4.30pm - 5.45pm.


Girls' Lunchtime Clubs

Boys' Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtime activities are for select age groups only and anyone from that age group can attend. Activities are mainly focussed on game play and fun.


Monday 4.30pm - 5.30pm. All age groups and ability groups welcome.


At KWC we offer golf as an option in Senior games lessons on Thursday afternoons. We play at Castletown Golf Links, where several of our students are members. We also run a family golf competition each September to raise funds for the cost of playing matches against other schools and to support golf tours. We take a team to play in the Liverpool and Manchester OKW Society Annual Golf Competition each year and enter local school competitions whenever we can. We also offer golf coaching, in conjunction with the Castletown professional and IOM Golf Union.

Sixth form here is like no other sixth form and that is not just because of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. It’s the way we are treated like adults, have plenty of freedom and are trusted.

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