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Sixth Form Lecture

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On Tuesday 7th May, the Lower Sixth had the pleasure of a visiting speaker for the last in this year's Sixth Form Lecture Series: Professor Daniel Newman, Chair of Arabic at the University of Durham. Professor Newman's research covers a wide range of areas, including Arabic geographical and travel literature, with a focus on Arab travellers to Europe. He also researches Tunisian and Egyptian 19th-century reform movements, and the history of translation in the Arab world, along with medieval Arab medicine and cooking. In 2009, he was the co-recipient of the World Award of the Republic of Tunisia for Islamic Studies for the book entitled 'Muslim Women in Law and Society'.

The Lower Sixth enjoyed an intellectual and eye-opening insight into the language and history of Arabic. We learnt much about this interesting topic and we left the evening with a wider knowledge of Arabic and the pronunciation of the words. In my opinion, the most interesting part of Professor Newman's lecture was the fact that a word in Arabic can change dramatically if a line or dot is missed out. We also learnt that Arabic is an official language of the European Union as it is an official language in Malta, which the majority of the Lower Sixth did not know.

Molly Pack (L6)