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Sixth Form Lecture

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On 29th September, we were graced by the presence of Dr Alex MacKinnon for the first in this year’s Sixth Form Lecture Series. Dr MacKinnon has lead a colourful international life living in the likes of Malaysia, China, Japan and Hong Kong. His doctorate analysed China's behaviour after they joined the World Trade Organisation.

In the lecture “Solutions are more than answers”, we explored new ways of thinking, and how if we look at things from a different point of view then different things will become apparent. Dr Mackinnon focussed on the benefits of holistic thinking, and how a greater knowledge of global behaviour patterns can help avoid difficult situations. Commencing with basic cross-cultural psychology, he demonstrated the need for adaptive thinking and how students from around the world, when working together, can arrive at solutions needed to improve their own futures and thus help many others.

After the lecture, I was fortunate enough to attend the dinner, where we could talk to Dr MacKinnon more closely about the life he has led, and to pick his mind about more ideas and ways of thinking. Overall, it was a brilliant evening in which everyone learnt something new.

Ruairi McNally (L6)