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Sixth Form Lecture

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Dr. Michael Turner, Senior Field Medical Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, spoke to Sixth Form students about the science underpinning recent advances in cancer treatment, including a type of treatment known as immunotherapy.

Dr. Turner described how these new immuno-oncology drugs can harness a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. He also provided a glimpse into the future of this area of research and offered some career advice for our students who might be considering a career in medicine and biomedical research. Dr Turner completed his undergraduate study (Microbiology & Immunology) in the UK. He then moved to the USA, where he earned his PhD in Cancer Immunology, while conducting research on cancer vaccines at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Subsequently, he completed postdoctoral research on autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. He is now based in Seattle, where he facilitates collaborations with some of the top cancer researchers in the country to conduct clinical trials with cutting edge immunotherapy treatments.