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Schedule - Autumn Term 2019


1st XV Fitness Training (CS)
1st XI Fitness Training (BD

Breaktime Activities

Music Aural Tests for Practical Exams

Basketball shooting practice [All Years] (CB)
Yearbook [ALM]

Basketball shooting practice [All Years] (CB

Lunchtime Activities


Rugby [L4] (SBJ)
Rugby Practice [U4] (CS/CB)
Basketball [L5 & M5] (MCC)
Weights [1st XV]
Junior Hockey (BD/ZES)
Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Peer Mentor Drop in (AGB)
Engineering Society (NHE/KMB/CW)
Confirmation Preparation (tbc) (EJS)
Rock Group (SMD/ECC)

Chemistry Clinic (U5 CIE Separate Science) [EJB]
IB Theatre Clinic [CVS]
ESS Clinic (U6) [MPW]
Geography Clinic [AJC]
Latin Clinic [LH]
Learning Support [JM]
IGCSE Computer Science Clinic (M5 & U5) [KEB]
History Clinic (IB) [DHC]


Football [L4/U4] (CS/CB)
Weights [1st XV]
Netball (BK/BEK)
IDEA Awards [All Years] (KEB)
Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Chapel Choir – Music School [All Years] (SMD

IGCSE Drama Clinic [CVS]
ESS Clinic (U6) [MPW]
Chemistry Clinic (L5/M5 Edexcel Separate Science) [CRB]
Learning Support [JM]
Physics Clinic [KMB]
French Clinic [FH, AMS & EFD]
Spanish Clinic [CGP/MBB/ELS/AMS/EFD]


Basketball [L4] (MCC)
Table Tennis [All Years] (CB)
Weights [1st XV]
Junior Hockey (BK/ZES)
School Production Rehearsal [CVS]
Sons of Mannanan [NHE]
Girls Choir [SLC]
Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Russian Club [All Years} (ES)
Debating Club (MCT)
Charity Challenge Support [Sixth Form] (KKS)
Code Club [Fourth Form] (KEB)

ESS Clinic (U6) [MPW]
Extended Essay Clinic [AJC]
Learning Support [JM]
RS Clinic [AK]
Maths Clinic [DCM]
History Clinic (IGCSE) [DJC]
Art & Photography Clinic (GCSE & IB) [SPK]
English Coursework Clinic [SAJ]


Basketball [Junior] (SBJ)
Football [girls] (BD/BEK)
Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Textiles Club [All Years] (KKS/EFD)
Latin Translation Club [LH]
Science Club (U4) [DL & CW]
Art Club [AGB]
D of E [CGP]
Card Club [PV]
Schola Cantorum (SMD)
School Show Dance Call/Drama Club (DD)

ESS Clinic (U6) [MPW]
German Clinic [EJJ]
TOK Essay Clinic [CLB]
ECDL Clinic (L5 & M5) [KEB]
Chemisty (U5 Coordinate Science) [PHM]
Art Clinic [AGB]
Learning Support [JM]
Physics Clinic [NHE]


Chapel Choir – Chapel [All Years] (SMD)
Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Geology Club [All Years] (CRB)
Ballroom Dancing [All Years] (SME)

Learning Support [JM]
English [OLL]

After School Activities


Rugby [U15] (CS)
Rugby [U14] (RR/CB)
Swimming Club [All Years] (BK/BEK)
Library Prep Club (JMA)
Show Rehearsal [CVS & DD]
Orchestra [SMD]

DT Clinic and Practical Workshop (U5 & U6) [RCP]
English [OLL & MCT]


Senior Rugby (CS/RR/SNC/CB)
Senior Hockey (BD/ZS)
Library Prep Club [EFD]
Confirmation Preparation (tbc) [EJS]
Film Club [All Years] (CD)
School Show Vocal Rehearsal [SMD & ELC]


Basketball [Junior/Intermediate] (MCC/SBJ)
Rugby [1st XV] (CS/SNC)
Intermediate Hockey (BD/ZES/BEK)
Library Prep Club [HF]
CCF U4 – U6 [16.30 – 18.00] (SH, KB)

Physics Clinic [KMB]
Economics Clinic [RR]
ESOL Clinic [SME]


Rugby [L4] (SBJ/CB)
Rugby [U4] (MCC)
Junior Hockey (BD/BK/ZES/BEK)
Library Prep Club [ADU]
Music Theory Club [SMD/ECC]


Thomas Cranmer [AK]
House Drama [AK]

TOK Essay Clinic [CLB]
TOK Presentation Clinic [ALM]
CAS Clinic [ZW]
English Clinic [AK]

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the KWC team for the ongoing support and care taken for the education of my child. I have to say that you manage to fulfil both my child and my own dreams beyond expectations and everybody has observed his fantastic evolution.

U5 Overseas Parent