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Schedule - Spring Term 2019


08.00 Music Aural Support for Grades 4 and 5 (SMD)

08.00 Music Aural Support for Grades 6 – 8 (SMD)

Lunchtime Activities

L4/U4 Girls' Netball (BD/BK)
L4/U4 Football (RM/HB)

Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Latin Translation Club [Sixth Form] (LH)
Book Club (SAJ)
Engineering Society (KMB/CW)
French Culture (MG)

Folk Group [All Years] (ELW)
Junior Art Club (AGB)

Art Clinic [5th and 6th Form] (AGB)
IGCSE Chemistry Clinic [U5] (EJB)
IGCSE Drama Clinic (CVS)
Geography Clinic (SNC/AJC)
IGCSE Computer Science Clinic [M5/U5] (KB)
IGCSE Biology Clinic (BCH)
ESS/Biology IGCSE Clinic (MPW)
IB History Clinic (DJC)
IB Chemistry Clinic (PHM)
GCSE Photography Clinic (SPK)
IB Visual Arts Clinic (SPK)

L4/U4 Netball (ZS & BA)
L4/U4 Table Tennis (RM)
L5/M5 Boys' Football (CS/MC)

Chapel Choir – Music School [All Years] (SMD)

Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Geology Club (CRB)
Lawn Mower Club [Fourth Form] (RCP)

French Clinic (as per rota published in department)
IB Theatre Clinic (CVS)
Physics Clinic (KMB)
German Clinic [L6] (SME)
ESS/Biology IGCSE Clinic (MPW)
Art Department Open

L4/U4 Netball (BD &ZS)
L4/U4/L5/M5 Table Tennis (CS)

Girls' Choir (SMD/ALM)
Sons of Manannan (NHE)
Drama –Play Rehearsal (CVS)

Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Community Centre Soup Kitchen (ZW/MBB/PHE)
Debating (MCT)
Textiles (KKT)
Sustainability Club [6th Form] (AJC/BCH)
Russian Club (ELS)

Latin Clinic (LH)
Maths Clinic (DCM)
French Tutorial Clinic (EFD)
ESS/Biology IGCSE Clinic (MPW)
Art Department Open

Girls' Football (BD/BA)
L4/U4 Boys' Basketball (HB/MC)

Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Greek Beginners' Club [All Years]
Writers' Inc (OL)
Duke of Edinburgh (CGP)
ECDL training [L5/M5] (KEB)
Cards Club (PV)
U4 Science Club (DL/CW)

Schola Cantorum (SMD)
Drama Club [Fourth Form] (DD)

Art Clinic [5th and 6th Form] (AGB)
Co-Ordinated Science Chemistry [U5] (PHM/CRB)
Physics Clinic (KMB)
ESS/Biology IGCSE Clinic (MPW)
IGCSE History Clinic (DJC)
IGCSE English (MCT)

L4/U4 Boys' Basketball (RM)

Chapel Choir – Chapel [All Years] (SMD)

Chess In Library [All Years] (GRM)
Code Club [All Years] (KEB)

Latin Clinic (LH)
RS Clinic (AK)
Spanish Clinic (MBB/CGP)

After School Activities

Swimming Club [Whole School]
L5/M5 Football (CS/MC)

Orchestra (SMD)
Drama –Play Rehearsal (CVS)

D&T Clinic [Exam groups only] (RCP)
IGCSE English Clinic (MCT)
IB Biology Clinic (BCH)
Business Clinic in Library (JMA)

Senior Netball (BK/BH/PC)
Senior Football (RM/CS/MC/HB)

Film Club (CD)
Ballroom Dancing [U5/6th Form] (SME)

Music Theory (ECW)

Junior Maths Clinic in Library (SLC)

Intermediate Netball (BD/ZS/BA)

CCF U4 – U6 [16.30 – 18.00] (SH, KB)

Physics Clinic (KMB)
ESOL Clinic (SME)
Library Prep Club (SLC)

Junior Netball (BD/ZS/BA)
L4/U4 Football (RM/HB)

Library Prep Club (SH)

Boys' Basketball skills practice at break times

Drama –Play Rehearsal – individual and small group rehearsals as required (CVS)
Cyber Competitions (KB)
Bragg Society [Tues 29th Jan and Mon 11th Mar] (NHE)
Poetry Slam [by arrangement with team] (MCT)
Confirmation Preparation (EJS)
Charity Challenge (KKT)
Centenary Research Project (AMS)

English Clinic (all English Dept)
Extended Essay Clinic (AJC)
Learning Support [available every lunchtime and as required] (JM)
TOK Essay Clinic (CLB)
TOK Presentation Clinic (ALM)
UCAS Preparation (ALM)
Biology Clinic (ADU)

Our son has been at King William’s College for two years and has settled in very well with the full support of the boarding staff and teachers, who have demonstrated great kindness and caring. The highly disciplined, but dynamic education system has helped our 15 year old son to adapt well and his confidence has noticeably improved in a short space of time. What's especially pleasing is that not only does the College have an excellent calibre of teaching staff and a strong academic curriculum, but we have been surprised and delighted to discover their excellent music achievements! With such great experience, our second son will also join KWC starting at Lower 5, to have a well rounded education. We cannot be more pleased with our decision to send our sons here all the way from Hong Kong!

M5 Overseas Parent