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Record results for King William's College IGCSE/GCSE students

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Students at King William’s College are celebrating an outstanding set of results in the 2020 IGCSE/GCSEs.

The headline figures are as follows:

- A record-breaking 98% of students awarded A*-C (or 9-4)
- 29% of students awarded A* (or 9-8)
- 50% of students awarded A*/A (or 9-7)

Leading the year group with at least 10 A*s each are Anna Cregeen, Carys Hoile, Sophie Long, Ava Treutler and Alex Turnbull, closely followed by Christina Adcock, Ruairi McNally and Helene Stetina who are just one or two grades behind.

Principal of King William’s College Joss Buchanan commented:  

This year’s results have been dominated by politics but it is very important that we now put all the controversies to one side and celebrate what the students have achieved. They were not able to sit their final exams because of the lockdown but these results reflect two – and in some cases three – years of hard work and the foundations for success were laid long before we had ever heard of Covid-19. This is a hard-working and highly focused year group and we knew at the time of the January mock exams that we were on course for a very strong set of final grades. The students have had a difficult and anxious summer and it is very important that nothing now detracts from what they have achieved.

 There have also this week been some significant changes to the College’s 2020 International Baccalaureate (IB) results following the announcement that grades will be awarded on the basis of assessed coursework and school predictions rather than the original algorithm.

Mr Buchanan explained:

This announcement has led to a significant increase in our results and we now have an average of 32.6 points – almost identical to last year. Six students have achieved a most impressive 40 points or more with both Anna Blayney and Mia Hall on a remarkable 43. Fortunately, most students had already confirmed their university places but this has provided some additional options. Overall, the university picture is extremely positive and we have students going to some of the best Russell Group universities including Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, King’s College, London School of Economics, Oxford, St Andrews and York.

The inherent strengths of the IB Diploma programme are as important as ever and we remain enthusiastic supporters. The breadth of subjects – six rather than the three offered in A levels – and the emphasis it places on skills and on the students taking responsibility for their own learning, continue to make the IB the outstanding qualification for the 16-18 age group and it is why top universities around the world continue to go out of their way to recruit these students. We are very proud to be an IB school and we look forward to welcoming the new Lower Sixth – our 19th cohort – onto the programme this September.  They have a very exciting two years ahead of them.