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Reading and Reciting competition

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A big thank you to Georgia Harvey, twice winner of the Manx Lit Fest Poetry Slam, who came to KWC this week to give workshops and judge the Junior and Intermediate Reading and Reciting competitions. She had students from all years experimenting with tongue twisters and soundscapes, drawing strange shapes and testing noises.

Congratulations to our winners! In the Junior Reciting competition, Christina Adcock fought off fierce competition from Gwen Thornton and Darcy Bateson to take the first prize for her presentation of Elephant by Alan Brownjohn. Toby Poole-Wilson gave us a beautifully vivid reading from Danny, Champion of the World, just pipping Jessica Brodie for the Junior Reading competition, but Georgia was impressed by Jessica's use of accents in her exciting rendition of a near-miss barge crash from Nathalia Buttface. In the Intermediate Competition, all competitors presented In Flanders Field by John Macrae, making life tricky for our judge, but Bobbie Hempsall's heartfelt version of the poem just sneaked past Elizabeth Shooter's thoughtful interpretation. In the Intermediate Reading, there were some heart-rending moments as John Dutnall read the final pages from Of Mice and Men, but two very different, equally impressive readings from Sarah Ramsvik and Olivia Jacklin-Chatha really impressed our judge. It was a super evening and Georgia Harvey was very impressed by the hard work and courage of our performers. Well done to all who participated, it was a lovely evening.