A Healthy Lifestyle & Menu

Our Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

All pupils registered for School Day sessions will receive lunch at The Buchan School. If your child is attending morning or afternoon only then you have the option to include lunch in your sessions. The Buchan Nursery children eat lunch in the school lunch hall at a time dedicated to Nursery and P1 (The Buchan School Reception class).

A menu is available each term, see link at the bottom of this page.

At The Buchan Nursery our approach to healthy living is an integral part of our curriculum. We offer the children the opportunity to take part in simple cooking activities and in making their own snacks. These activities help contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them.

The nursery will additionally provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack. The children can help themselves to a snack during the morning or afternoon. This will vary from week to week, depending on topics, themes or the time of year. Such snacks may include one that the children have made themselves in our regular cooking sessions. The children can help themselves to water during the day and we encourage them to drink often.

We look at a broad range of different cuisines from across the world which is linked into planning for the early years to develop an understanding of the world.

If you are celebrating a national festival at home and would like to bring in a traditional meal or snack for the children to try, then please do speak to your child’s teacher. We welcome as much variety as possible to encourage the children to try different flavours, textures and food groups.

We cater for all diets due to allergies, intolerances or religions.

Wraparound Care - This is brilliant for working parents, well done Buchan

Carly C