Children are able to join the nursery after their second birthday. Children age 2-3 join us in the Seedlings and those in the Pre-school year, aged 3-4, will join the Sunflowers.

Our nursery school is separated into areas according to age and ability. We have multiple entries throughout the year and children can join whenever there is a space available.

We have small classes within the Seedlings and Sunflowers where we operate a Key Person system. This is your child’s class teacher; your first port of call for all aspects of nursery life.

The ethos at The Buchan Nursery is that all the staff get to know all the children. This means your child is happy to ask for help from any member of staff. We all work together in sharing the care.

We will place your child in a class alongside other children of a similar age and ability. We find that this helps children work together and encourage equal measures of development and learning at a rate accessible to all.

OUR SEEDLINGS classes are primarily focused on the individual child and their areas of interest. We base all our learning experiences in line with the EYFS. The environment is prepared to provide a wide range of activities for personal, social and emotional development. We create opportunities for stimulating little minds and keeping little bodies active. We encourage messy and creative activities, role-play, mark making and construction among other exciting opportunities. We work together to promote each child’s holistic development so our Seedlings, with the direction and support of our sensitive practitioners, grow to become Sunflowers.

OUR SUNFLOWERS Pre-school educational journey is geared towards ensuring school readiness before they leave us. We use a balance of child initiated and adult led activities to encourage the children to discover a wide range of subjects through exploration and play. We have a well - equipped environment, with a variety of resources that provide a challenging and enjoyable journey to primary education.

Our Pre-school teachers are all dedicated, experienced and well qualified with a passion for early years development.

We use open-ended questioning, whilst encouraging active learning and critical thinking to prepare the children to progress confidently onto the next step of Pre-Prep or Reception.

Wraparound Care - This is brilliant for working parents, well done Buchan

Carly C