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Manxness Afoot

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On Friday 16th October, we had the pleasure of welcoming back Dr Mike Hoy to College as part of the Sixth Form’s ‘Manxness Afoot’ Lecture Series. Dr Mike Hoy is a KWC Trustee who taught at College for over 30 years, he was the Head of Walters, Head of English & Drama and Director of Studies. Following retirement, he completed his PhD, researching the development of education and literacy in the Isle of Man in the 17th and 18th century. He has also written many books, including ‘A Blessing To This Island’ about College’s history.

In the lecture, we learnt about the history of College, through archive photographs and detailed diary accounts from OKWs. I found it fascinating to learn about how College was established as the first public school in the Isle of Man in the 1830s. Dr Mike Hoy explained to us where the classrooms were located and showed us photographs of what they looked like. Reading the diary accounts of the boarding pupils was incredibly interesting, as this gave us an insight of what College life was like, including their school routines, timetables, meals and sporting activities.

The Lower Sixth students thoroughly enjoyed Dr Hoy’s lecture in which we all learnt much more about the history of College.

Scarlett Sadler (L6)