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Lower Fourth Trip

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Almost all the Lower Fourth enjoyed a wonderful day out to the fabulous North of the Isle of Man, the weather was sunny and bright and rain clouds held. Leaving College they made their way to the beach at Ballaugh to collect stones, build sand castles and moats and practice skimming stones. Heading on to the Jurby Motor Museum they were fascinated and wowed by the huge array of restored vehicles and motorbikes, a space landing craft, tank and Formula 1 car. They listened to an informative talk on how engines work from Mr Howell Evans and were  treated to look around the restoration workshop and go aboard a restored red Route Master Bus. Lunch was taken at the Guardhouse café and sports held on the adjacent field before heading a short distance to the Curraughs Wildlife Park where they were enthralled by the peacock displaying, the baby penguin chicks in their caves and the lynx polishing off its fresh rabbit dinner. Students were given talks on the meercats and penguins and allowed to handle the Madagascan hissing cockroach, the iguana and west African  rock python. The pillow provided much exercise and shrieks of laughter at the end of the visit and then everyone was ready to pile back on the coach to College. A huge thank you goes to the staff at the Motor Museum and Wildlife Park and sadly to our departing Stenning tutors, Mr Allegro and Mr Wood and also to Mr Howell Evans and Mrs Beesley.