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Letter from the Principal

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Dear Parents,

Distance Learning in the Summer Term

I hope you and your families are well in these very difficult times.

The summer term starts on Tuesday 21 April and it is clear that the island will still be in lockdown at that point. There are increasing signs that the restrictions may be lifted in a matter of weeks rather than months and we very much hope that at some point during the term we will be back on school premises, but for the first few weeks at least teaching needs to remain online.

We trialled online teaching in the final week of the spring term and I would like to thank all the parents and pupils who then took part in surveys as school closed to give feedback on how the week went. It was clear that a lot of work took place and that both pupils and staff had worked extremely hard. But it was also clear that many of the pupils had struggled with the lack of routine and that they had found it hard to remain motivated and focused with only limited interaction with their teachers. There were also frustrations with the various online platforms we had been using. It was apparent that if we were to run this for an extended period of time we needed a much more systematic and structured approach.

From the start of the new term we will therefore be introducing the following for the L6, M5, L5, U4 and L4 year groups:

Separate emails have gone out about the U6 and U5. With their exams cancelled the school is now working with the exam boards to provide the information needed for grades to be awarded. Teachers will contact pupils directly if further work is needed or if there is anything the pupils still need to do to complete their courses. There will also be suggestions on Firefly of extension work and further reading which the U5 may like to do in preparation for the Sixth Form in the autumn.

Monday 20 April is a staff training day which departments will be using to the full to finalise these changes. The school site will be open that day and if pupils – paying due respect to social distancing – need to come into College to collect books and other possessions that would be the best time to do it.

This is going to be a challenging time for the school and I am sure that not everything will go smoothly from the start, but I would like to thank my colleagues for the huge amount of work that has already gone into this and we are all determined to make a success of it and to maintain the highest standard of teaching and learning for the pupils. It is extremely important that the pupils continue in their education and that they are not disadvantaged by these extraordinary circumstances.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Best wishes,


Email: principal@kwc.im
Tel: +44 1624 820428