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Learning Support

The Learning Support department at King William's College aims to provide each pupil with an inclusive education, enabling the individual to feel that they have a valuable part to play within the academic, sporting, social and cultural environment of the School.

The Head of Learning Support is a specialist teacher, who is experienced and qualified in Learning Support and educational assessment, and who receives some assistance from the Head of Boarding. This allows for regular liaison concerning any members of the Boarding community who could benefit from extra support outside of lessons.

Early identification of pupils’ needs is vital and starts before transition through close liaison with the Buchan and visits to the Island junior schools . Parents of children joining College from further afield are requested to state the nature of any difficulty to the Admissions Office to ensure that College is able to put effective support in place. The Lower Fourth year group is assessed on their literacy skills on entry by the department, which assists with further identification and setting for English.

The Head of Learning Support, as the Specialist Assessor within the College, carries out assessments and tracks the progress of pupils with difficulties for whom access arrangements may be required. However, if further advice and support is required from outside services, such as that of an Educational Psychologist, parents are expected to meet these costs.

The type of support offered is designed to suit pupil needs and may be given in a withdrawal setting, either individually or in a small group, in a lunchtime 'booster' class or, when possible, with in-class support taking place in Maths.

Teaching is aimed at improving areas of weakness, enabling pupils to cope with academic demands and maintaining their highest standard throughout all subject areas so that the individual achieves his/her potential. The department is well-resourced with a variety of effective structured programmes of work and materials to develop skills and thereby enhance the self esteem of the individual through the progress they make and the encouragement offered.

I loved King William’s College from the start. I made up my mind within an hour of our time there that I wanted my son to attend. You have to come to College to understand what makes it stand out from the rest. It is a place of genuinely caring and friendly people. Another aspect of College we love is its vast international community. Our son has made some great friends and as a result has come to appreciate and respect other cultures and traditions. Our son loves College. He loves the independence to make choices, the easy access he has to his tutors, the opportunity to make his own mistakes and learn from them, but most of all, he loves the fact that expert assistance is always a breath away.

U5 Overseas Parent