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Jean Steels Rhetoric Competition

Posted in School News

The Jean Steels Rhetoric competition is perhaps the most exacting and nerve wracking competition of the academic year at College.

Competitors have between four and eight minutes to persuade the audience to their point of view. No mean feat, indeed. To make life even more difficult competitors also have to answer a question from the floor (the Principal, Mr Buchanan kindly did the honours) which tests their ability to think on their feet and speak spontaneously

This year was a vintage year with all six competitors (from Lower Fourth to Lower Sixth) speaking with passion their well-researched speeches. Topics ranged from bullying to Brexit!

The Adjudicator, Mr Douglas Stewart, was extremely impressed.

In an entertaining and informative adjudication Mr Stewart praised each speaker for individual strengths.

He awarded the prize to Bogdan Oworuszko, a worthy winner of this prestigious and difficult competition, who spoke so eloquently and persuasively about entering industry as an alternative to going to tertiary education.

Congratulations to all those brave souls – be proud as you have all achieved a phenomenal standard in the incredible art of rhetoric.