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Inter House Swimming 2018

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The results of the Inter House Swimming competitions which were held on 11th January, 6th March and 8th March are as follows:-


Michael Broderick: Junior Boys 100 yards Freestyle, 57.19 secs. (Previously set in 2010 by Duncan Wilson 60.95 seconds)
Michael Broderick: Junior Boys 50 yards Butterfly, 30.50 secs. (Previously set in 2014 by Christian Thomas 31.9 secs)


Junior Girls: 1st Walters 88 pts 2nd Dickson 85 pts
Junior Boys: 1st Dickson 98 pts 2nd Walters 77 pts

Inter Girls: 1st Walters 64 pts 2nd Dickson 35pts 3rd Colbourne 31pts
Inter Boys: 1st Walters 76 pts 2nd Dickson 64 pts 3rd Colbourne 16pts

Senior Girls: 1st Walters 106 pts 2nd Dickson 88 pts 3rd Colbourne 78 pts
Senior Boys: 1st Walters 109 pts 2nd Colbourne 99 pts 3rd Dickson 72 pts


Junior Competition:
1st Dickson 179 points
2nd Walters 166 points

Intermediate Competition:
1st Walters 140 points
2nd Dickson 99 points
3rd Colbourne 47 points

Senior Competition:
1st Walters 215 points
2nd Colbourne 177 points
3rd Dickson 160 points