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Heads of School, Praepositors and the Houses

Head of School 2019-2020: Jessica Clucas
Head Boy 2019-2020: Angus Wheeler

Praepositors 2019-2020:
Patrick McCord, Lisa Douglas, Nicolas Gantous, Noon Khalil, Luca Simmons and Isabelle Trinder

The Houses

Every pupil in King William's College is assigned to one of three houses, Colbourne (for boarders), Dickson and Walters.

These houses are co-educational and serve for purposes of competition, allowing every pupil in the School the opportunity to participate in team activity across all year groups.

Houses compete academically for the Kelly Trophy, which is awarded on Founders' Day and the House Drama and Music competitions are both keenly contested, providing entertainment of a high calibre. There are House sporting events too and, as well as competitions in all the main School sports, there is an annual swimming gala and a sports day.

COLBOURNE 2019-2020

Heads of House: Arnold Stange and Vera Stredicke
Deputy Heads of House: Wilfy Kermode and Kathryn McNally

DICKSON 2019-2020

Heads of House: Alex Kneen and Lisa Douglas
Deputy Heads of House: Anna Blayney and Patrick Douglas

WALTERS 2019-2020

Heads of House: Elise Telford and Mia Hall
Deputy Heads of House: Rufus Parry and Ella Webster

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Faced with the difficult choice of our daughters remaining at a perfectly good state school in the Isle of Man, we chose to send them to King William’s College to study the International Baccalaureate. The outcome in both cases was a resounding endorsement of our decision, since King William’s College operates and delivers at a different level.

Past Parent of two 6th Form Students