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House Music 2019

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Many thanks to our adjudicator Naomi Kayayan and to all the students who entertained us last night for the annual House Music Competition. 

The results for 2019 were as follows:

Junior Vocal Solo - Evan Darroch - Dickson
Senior Vocal Solo - Elina Keig - Walters
Junior Instrumental Solo - Grace Templar - Walters
Senior Instrumental Solo - Alex Kneen - Dickson 
Ensemble - Walters
Choir - Colbourne
Accompanist - Stefan Fong - Colbourne
House Shout - Walters

Overall winners for 2019 - Walters

The adjudicator asked for a special award to be made to Jess Stanley who performed for Walters on the harp, despite having a broken finger! She tells me this morning she also forgot to take pain killers before the performance! She displayed phenomenal House spirit!

There is a piano masterclass on Friday 8th February. We are delighted to have been joined by 16 pupils from various schools across the island.