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Extracurricular Activities


The PE department offers a wide range of extracurricular sports clubs at lunchtime and after school including Basketball, Fencing, Table tennis and Swimming. Each year group receives an after school practice for each major game depending on the season. In that session the focus will be on improving the skills and techniques of the individual and of the school team; however we do encourage players of all abilities to attend. Lunchtime clubs are offered throughout the year where students receive additional coaching and can also attend recreational sports clubs where they can learn sports away from a competitive environment.


Chapel Choir - The purpose of Chapel Choir is to lead the whole college in Christian worship. Although there is no audition, the Choir performs some of the masterpieces of church music and frequently represents the College in the local community and UK. A very big commitment but members are regularly rewarded by crazy trips to the forest and other outré diversions.

Schola Cantorum - College's most advanced choir perform sacred and secular repertoire, often a cappella (without accompaniment). Membership restricted to Grade 5 standard singers and above.

Orchestra - Orchestra welcomes all pupils, staff, parents and governors who play orchestral instruments. Repertoire varies widely and all members are invited to participate in choosing the music we play.

School of Rock - Disciples of Mr Howard meet each week and regularly rock the School with their very, very noisy gigs.

Music Theatre Group - Group for vocalists and instrumentalists. They perform scenes from wellknown musicals throughout the year and prepare the biannual musical production in Spring Term.

Jazz Group - All instruments welcome to perform Jazz in a wide variety of settings.

Sons of Manannan - Choir for boys' broken voices only. We sing a broad range of pieces from musicals to sacred anthems.

Aural Skills Clinic - All public examinations in Music have a listening component. Join to get the skills you need to do well.

Theory Clubs - Tuition in Theory to all ABRSM grades. Expect to enjoy the enhanced grasp of music that Theory offers. Good theoretical knowledge also offers an edge at IGCSE and IB levels.

Girls' Choir - This choir sings sacred and secular Soprano and Alto repertoire from nine centuries in concerts, services and at functions in College and the community.

Chamber Groups - Want to play in a small group? We'll form one to suit the instruments available and find a time for you to rehearse with staff help.


Drama Productions

During the academic year there is a major school production. This enables students of all ages to work on a dramatic play or musical. They are able to act, paint, design, operate, perform and work as a team throughout this production period. Productions have included: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Sweeney Todd, Macbeth with many more to come. Students have the chance to audition and become a part of something the school has always been well known for. It is a big commitment, but many enjoy the challenge, with the biggest draw being that it's fun!

Drama Catch-up Sessions

This enables pupils to gain extra help with coursework or practical tasks. As IB Theatre and IGCSE Drama is coursework based with no terminal examinations, this proves fundamental in aiding final year groups. There is an opportunity to have specific help in the student's area of concern.

House Drama

The House Drama Festival, an annual tradition, takes place at the end of the Autumn Term at College and is the culmination of seven weeks of frenetic rehearsals by Colbourne, Dickson and Walters students. Although the productions themselves are student-driven, the event involves longterm planning and tight organisation. For this reason, an adult coordinator assumes responsibility for the overall efficiency of the operation. The planning process begins a year in advance, when an adjudicator is sourced and approached. As we endeavour to employ professionals, who are capable of conducting acting master classes with House Drama and Theatre students during Festival days, negotiations can take some months to finalise.


The Manx Music Festival, also known as 'The Guild', takes place in April and there is the opportunity to enter for Speech and Drama, as well as musical performance. Prepare your performance with expert advice from Mrs McAndry.


The annual Thomas Cranmer Competition is a competition for young people interested in reading extracts from the Book of Common Prayer in public. Competitors are judged according to laid down criteria according to their age group, either juniors, intermediates or seniors. Winners of the intermediate and senior age categories are invited to represent the Isle of Man by competing in the national finals. Students also compete in the Jean Steel Rhetoric and Rotariums Public Speaking.


A bi-annual online International Mathematics Competition. All KWC students are registered to take part and in doing so to raise money for UNICEF. Opportunities to participate are provided throughout the college day.

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Challenges

KWC participates in this UK series of challenges, entering up to 20 students from each year group. Separate challenges are available for each of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Form, dates are provided on the College calendar. Successful participants are given Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards; exceptional participants may qualify for further rounds.


A competition that tests biological knowledge and is aimed at 6th form pupils. Pupils are entered who will either study Biology/Medecine/Vet related subjects or pupils who are really good at Biology. If they are the top scorers, they could represent Britain at the International Olympiads.


During the autumn term each year L6 students and the College's resident Art Club begin work on a complex tree or installation for Save the Children's Festival of Trees at Ronaldsway Airport. During initial discussion Lower Sixth students decide upon a theme to further celebrate the work of Save the Children. A great effort is made by all to produce beautiful decorations and a suitable structure in a matter of 7 short weeks. The final stage is the fitting of the tree in to the public space of the airport. Which is always the most compromising to our delicate structures, and where last minute details are completed. Following the festival the Awards dinner is hosted in King William's College's Barrovian Hall. The opportunity to take part in this unique festival provides a rewarding experience for all involved. The Chapel Choir sing a selection of traditional Christmas carols in the presence of honoured guests, including His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor. The festival is one of the many well attended events in which the Chapel Choir become involved as Christmas approaches.


King William's College offers the following enterprise education programmes as extra curricular activities. The programme materials, course information and volunteers are provided by Junior Achievement Isle of Man and JA-YE Europe.

LEARN TO EARN (Lower 5) All L5 pupils take part in this one day programme during the summer term. In this programme business volunteers help students understand how education is key to their future success and happiness in work and life. Students may discover they have talents that mean that careers that once might have seemed out of reach are actually achievable. In the programme students link their skills, interests and values to potential careers. The students gain an understanding of the soft skills valued by employers and are encouraged to study hard so that they have more opportunities when they leave education.

ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY (Middle 5) All M5 pupils take part in this one day seminar during the summer term to help them understand the importance of money management. It covers a broad range of finance topics including Tax and N.I. contributions, how to manage a bank account, credit, how not to get into debt, APR, understanding spending habits, consumer rights, identity theft and how not to fall victim to a scam.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the KWC team for the ongoing support and care taken for the education of my child. I have to say that you manage to fulfil both my child and my own dreams beyond expectations and everybody has observed his fantastic evolution.

U5 Overseas Parent