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Chapel Choir
The purpose of Chapel Choir is to lead the whole college in Christian worship. Although there is no audition, the Choir performs some of the masterpieces of church music and frequently represents the College in the local community and UK. A very big commitment but members are regularly rewarded by crazy trips to the forest and other outré diversions.

Schola Cantorum
College's most advanced choir perform sacred and secular repertoire, often a cappella (without accompaniment). Membership restricted to grade 5 - standard singers and above.

Orchestra welcomes all pupils, staff, parents and governors who play orchestral instruments. Repertoire varies widely and all members are invited to participate in choosing the music we play.

School of Rock
Disciples of Mr Howard meet each week and regularly rock the school with their very, very noisy gigs.

Music Theatre Group
Group for vocalists and instrumentalists. We perform scenes from well-known musicals throughout the year and prepare the biannual Musical Production in Spring Term.

Jazz Group
All instruments welcome to perform Jazz in a wide variety of settings.

Sons of Manannan
Choir for boys' broken voices only. We sing a broad range of pieces from musicals to sacred anthems.

Aural Skills Clinic
All public examinations in Music have a listening component. Join to get the skills you need to do well.

Theory Clubs
Tuition in Theory to all ABRSM grades. Expect to enjoy the enhanced grasp of music that Theory offers. Good theoretical knowledge also offers an edge at IGCSE and IB levels.

Girls' Choir
This choir sings sacred and secular Soprano and Alto repertoire from nine centuries in concerts, services and at functions in College and the community.

Chamber Groups
Want to play in a small group? We'll form one to suit the instruments available and find a time for you to rehearse with staff help.

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