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Exam Results and Universities Destinations



University Destinations 2019

Bath Spa University - Education and English
Bath Spa - Psychology and Criminology
Durham University - Anthropology
Durham University - Biological Sciences
Durham University - Business and Management
Durham University - Classics
Durham University - History
Heriot-Watt University - Business Administration
King's College London - Music
King's College London - Political Economy
Lancaster University - Economics & Politics
Lancaster University - Fine Art & Film
Lancaster University - Law
Liverpool John Moores University - Media, Culture, Communication
Nottingham Trent University - Marketing
Reading University - Law
University College, Utrecht - Molecular & Cellular Biology
University of Bath - Computer Science
University of Bath - Management
University of Bath - Psychology
University of Bath - Psychology
University of Bath - Sport & Exercise Science
University of Birmingham - Dentistry
University of Dundee - Adult Nursing
University of Edinburgh - Biological Sciences
University of Edinburgh - Economics with Finance
University of Edinburgh - Geography & Sociology
University of Edinburgh - International Business
University of Edinburgh - Social Anthropology
University of Exeter - Business & Management
University of Exeter - Drama
University of Exeter - Psychology
University of Leeds - Diagnostic Radiography
University of Leeds - Graphic Design
University of Leeds - International Business
University of Lincoln - Health & Social Care
University of Lincoln - Physical Education & Sport
University of Liverpool - Law
University of Liverpool - Medicine
University of Reading - Agricultural Business Management
University of Surrey - Sport & Exercise Science
University of Westminster - Business Economics
University of York - Accounting, Business Finance & Management
University of York - Film & Television Production
University of York - Law
University of York - Law
University of York - Marketing
University of York - Spanish & Linguistics
V. Ships cadet Programme (Merchant Navy) - Marine Engineering Foundation Degree

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the KWC team for the ongoing support and care taken for the education of my child. I have to say that you manage to fulfil both my child and my own dreams beyond expectations and everybody has observed his fantastic evolution.

U5 Overseas Parent