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Exam Results and Universities Destinations



University Destinations 2020

BIMM Institute - Songwriting and Music Production
Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) - Bachelor of Science
Hartpury University - Sport and Business Management
IFA (Paris) - Fashion
King’s College London - English Literature
Liverpool John Moores - Business Management
London School of Economics and Political Science - Law
Newcastle University - Architecture
Newcastle University - Biomedical Sciences
Northumbria University - International Relations and Politics
Paris College of Art - Foundation Year
Queen Mary University (Malta) - Medicine
Queen Mary University of London - Politics and International Relations
Sheffield Hallam University - Digital Media Production
The Hague University of Applied Sciences - Communications and Multimedia Design
University College Isle of Man - Sports Coaching
University of Bristol - Medicine
University of Buckingham - Psychology with Business Management
University of Durham - English Literature
University of East Anglia - Business Management
University of Edinburgh - Business Management
University of Edinburgh - Classical Studies
University of Exeter - Law
University of Kent - Military History
University of Leeds - Art and Design
University of Liverpool - Bioveterinary Sciences
University of Liverpool - Business Management
University of Liverpool - International Business
University of Liverpool - Physiotherapy
University of Nottingham - International Relations
University of Oxford (St Hugh’s College) - Psychology and Linguistics
University of Rochester (USA) - General Studies
University of St Andrews - Geography
University of Southampton - Marine Biology
University of the Arts London - Architecture
University of the West of England - Aerospace Engineering with Foundation Year
University of York, Environment - Ecology and Economics
Varna (Bulgaria) - Dentistry

I loved King William’s College from the start. I made up my mind within an hour of our time there that I wanted my son to attend. You have to come to College to understand what makes it stand out from the rest. It is a place of genuinely caring and friendly people. Another aspect of College we love is its vast international community. Our son has made some great friends and as a result has come to appreciate and respect other cultures and traditions. Our son loves College. He loves the independence to make choices, the easy access he has to his tutors, the opportunity to make his own mistakes and learn from them, but most of all, he loves the fact that expert assistance is always a breath away.

U5 Overseas Parent