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English IGCSE

English Language

All students begin their IGCSE course by studying for two subjects, English Language and English Literature.

IGCSE English Language involves reading, writing and discussion. By the end of the course, our pupils should be able to:

Reading & Writing
Students read, analyse and write a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students also prepare coursework and spoken activities such as debates, speeches, descriptive and informative writing.

This work helps students demonstrate their ability to:

English Literature

We strongly encourage our students to sit the English Literature examination. In practical terms, it is a valuable step in preparing for the IB Group 1 courses, and it also exposes students to classic texts written in English, from Shakespeare to 19th century novelists and poets such as Austen, Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson and Dickens.

The English Literature course covers Poetry and Prose from the 18th century through to the 21st century, Drama and an Unseen examination paper. There is no coursework.

Exam candidates need to show:

Students develop both close, analytical reading and wider reading across a range of books, plays and poems.

We do review the progress of students during the Middle Fifth year and some ESOL and those students struggling with Language skills may drop Literature to focus on the essential English Language qualification.

Faced with the difficult choice of our daughters remaining at a perfectly good state school in the Isle of Man, we chose to send them to King William’s College to study the International Baccalaureate. The outcome in both cases was a resounding endorsement of our decision, since King William’s College operates and delivers at a different level.

Past Parent of two 6th Form Students