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Downward Sixth Form Lecture

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We were honoured to welcome Pip Stewart to KWC to present this year’s Downward Sixth Form Lecture in September. Her lecture was entitled ‘Reflections from the Amazon: Human impact on a remote region’. It was fascinating to hear about her incredible expeditions and reflections on the impact of development in these areas. Her story of the impact that Leishmaniasis had on her following an expedition was eye-opening. It was also amazing to hear of her adventure cycling back to the UK from Malaysia. She refers to herself as an ‘accidental adventurer’ and has been able to visit and spread awareness for all of these countries. It is interesting to hear that she views these expeditions as a brilliant mechanism to tell stories because the people you meet and the connections you make are phenomenal. This was a fascinating lecture and we all learned so much from it. Our thanks go to the Downward family for their generous financial contribution to enable this event to happen each year.

George Sanders - U6