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Derbyhaven Bay Swim 2018

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The 120th King William's College Bay swim took place on Thursday 28th June. It was a glorious day with the sea flat calm and a relatively warm 13 degrees.

The fastest to qualify this year was 16 year old Louis Peake; he swam the GT in a time of 5mins. 35secs and the ½ mile pool swim in 10mins. 35secs. Completing the line up of the top six qualifiers were Alexander Turnbull, Ruairi McNally, Carys Hoile, Caitlyn McConnell and Anna Cregeen - all of whom were newcomers to the event. The youngest swimmer in the event was 13 year old Ruairi McNally, with Carys Hoile, the youngest girl competitor, only eleven days older. Both swam extremely well finishing in 6th and 10th place respectively. Izzy Barnes, Kathryn McNally and Millie Kinnin all qualified within 9 seconds of each other, so the race for the first girl finisher and recipient of the Joanna Crookall Trophy, promised to be an exciting one.

As the Swimmers were taken out to the breakwater they were in high spirits and singing loudly and once ready to go, the jump into the bay was accompanied by the usual squeals of anticipation! Favourite Louis Peak went straight into the lead and swam smoothly and strongly to reach the first marker buoy in 3mins 50secs, followed by 14 year old Alex Turnbull only 16 seconds behind him. The next group of swimmers Izzy Barnes, Illiam Parnell Millie Kinnin and Ruairi McNally were battling hard as they approached the first buoy and they rounded it in quick succession. At the perch Louis had started to extend his lead and continued to do so until he crossed the finish line to win in a time of 12minutes 11 seconds. This was 48 seconds ahead of Alex, who finished comfortably in second place and is one to watch out for in future bay swims. Millie Kinnin arrived at the perch just ahead of Izzy Barnes and they were neck and neck as they approached the finish line; however when Izzy went slightly off course in the final 10 metres Millie clinched 3rd place and the coveted Joanna Crookall Trophy. Most of the L6 Girls swam together throughout the race - Sarah James and Jessica Stanley crossed the line at the same time in equal 20th, followed by Natasha Ellis (Head of School), Jessica Loader and Kate Dowling who crossed the line together in 22nd place.

Twenty five Pupils (16 girls and 9 boys) and four members of staff, including Mrs Singleton who was swimming for the 10th time took part and all finished. Twenty two competed for the first time.

A smiling Bobbie Hempsall (L5) was the final swimmer to cross the line escorted by 'in the water' life guard Mrs Parnell and the impressive number of safety boats and kayaks.

My thanks go to all those who helped on the day especially Mr Richard Coase (CCF) who organised the kayaks, and to Mr Chris Callow who provided the two spectacular ribs at the perch and finish.

This unique and testing event would not take place without the willingness and courage of the swimmers. These gutsy individuals are a credit to the school and they should all be very proud of their achievement; for me, it has been an absolute pleasure and honour to organise this event during my time at College.

S A Ross


Boys' fastest time: Luke Guthrie, 10 mins 58secs (2012)
Girls' fastest time: Gabrielle Henrard, 12 mins 37secs (1994)


1. Louis Peake 12mins 11secs
2. Alexander Turnbull 12mins 59secs
3. Millie Kinnin 15mins 00secs
4. Isabella Barnes 15mins 03secs
5. Illiam Parnell 15mins 53secs
6. Ruairi McNally 16mins 21secs
7. Caitlyn McConnell 16mins 24secs
8. Kathryn McNally 16mins 32secs
9. Millie Bolt 18mins 39secs
10. Carys Hoile 18mins 45secs
11. Anna Cregeen 18mins 49secs
12. Angela Aumonier 19mins 48secs
13. Louis Scott 20mins 09secs
14. Stefan Fong 20mins 21secs
15. Lizzie Jones 21mins 07secs
16. Cristina Salinardi 21mins 10secs
17. Sam Ashworth 21mins 31secs
18. William Corlett 22mins 18secs
19. Matthew Holt 22mins 28secs
20= Sarah James 24mins 46secs
20= Jessica Stanley 24mins 46secs
22= Jessica Loader 28mins 19secs
22= Natasha Ellis 28mins 19secs
22= Kate Dowling 28mins 19secs
25. Bobbie Hempsall 30mins 41secs

A. England 22mins 13secs
C. Singleton 22mins 50secs
M. Pinot 22mins 55secs
S. Headon 23mins 18secs