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Debating - Week 1

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Inter-House Debating got off to a strong start with two tightly contested debates taking place. The Seniors of Colbourne proposed “This House believes that cultural appropriation is damaging to ethnic minorities” with Walters opposing. Colbourne’s Nicolas, Matija and Laine cited real life examples in the context of white privilege in order to highlight the damaging nature of appropriating another’s culture. Meanwhile Walters’ Ella, Rufus and Patrick G questioned the proposition’s definition of the term before arguing that cultural appropriation should be recognised as appreciation of a culture. After a barrage of questions from the gathered L6 audience, and a special mention for Walters’ Rufus, who was described as “the dark horse of debating”, Colbourne’s inspired arguments, superb teamwork and dogged criticisms of the arguments put forward by their opponents resulted in a well deserved victory.

The Intermediates were also in action with Dickson’s Sam, Ruari and Celize proposing the motion: “This House believes that space exploration is a waste of money”. Presenting arguments centred around the need to focus on unexplored areas of earth, along with the potential risks of space exploration, they balanced their points with statistics and evidence to provide a convincing perspective. On the opposing team, Colbourne’s Gloria, Minh and Joanna emphasised the many benefits of space exploration, particularly those we use on a daily basis as a result of satellites, to dispute the proposition’s claims. With some strong performances on both teams, it was the excellent listening and responses of Colbourne’s summary speaker, Joanna, who tipped the scales in their favour resulting in a second Colbourne victory for the day.

Debating continues next week as Dickson Seniors take on Colbourne Seniors to debate whether schools should prioritise teaching STEM subjects over the Humanities and Arts. Meanwhile the Intermediates of Walters and Dickson will be discussing who should be responsible for recycling: businesses or individuals.