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St Thomas' Chapel

Our own beautifully decorated Chapel is the spiritual heart of the school. The place where it is possible to find a space, in the midst of the busyness of day to day school, to bring our hopes, joys, fears and sorrows, to reflect upon our lives and God's calling to follow in the way of Christ. The Chapel is the only place on site that is large enough to accommodate the whole school.

Significant dates and seasons are marked by services in the Chapel, including a welcome for new pupils early in the academic year; honouring the fallen at the war memorial and in Chapel, where the role of honour is read; Carol Services for the school and wider community, and Ascension Service for the Buchan School. Chapel Assemblies take place twice a week, with a full service on Friday afternoon.

There is a wealth of contributors to Chapel during the year – readers, intercessors, choristers and preachers, each bringing their unique qualities and gifts to join those of our Christian forebears in this place. Chapel is often at the core of people's memories of the school, their final farewells include a commission to go into the world in peace as they leave, and it remains a place of significance within their memories.

The Reverend Erica Scott
School Chaplain



Faced with the difficult choice of our daughters remaining at a perfectly good state school in the Isle of Man, we chose to send them to King William’s College to study the International Baccalaureate. The outcome in both cases was a resounding endorsement of our decision, since King William’s College operates and delivers at a different level.

Past Parent of two 6th Form Students