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Viking Day

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The Buchan Prep department enjoyed Viking Day on Friday 9th March where they took part in many Viking themed activities. These included music, crafts, board games, stories, art, poems, games, and runic translations.

Forms 1 to 4 were invited to come dressed as Vikings for the day and the kitchen prepared a Viking banquet fit for all the jarls of the land!

Congratulations to Celize and Jacob for winning best dressed Viking boy and girl, and to Miss Ashton for best dressed teacher!

Hnefaltafl (nefa-taffle) is a Viking game based on archaeological finds of both board and playing pieces made from wood, stone, gems, antlers and bone. With the aid of KWC D&T, boards were laser cut and stones collected in order that the children could play on Viking Day. The activity was a big hit and the boards will stay in school for children to play in the future.

Vikings used to decorate the front of their ships with dragons to ward off spirits and to intimidate their enemies. The Prep department created a fantastic model to decorate the prow of a Viking longboat display, which will feature the head of every child at Viking Day.

Viking Sagas are texts written usually in old Norse which describe the lives/battles/beliefs through Vikings and Germanic history. After learning about Odin and some of his relics, pupils explored the mythology of his eye patch, spear and his 8 legged horse, Sleipnir.

The kitchen transformed the dining hall into a banquet hall for lunch the same as the Vikings would have done for their feasts. Now dressed as a longhouse banquet, pupils gorged on the finest chicken, beef stew and root vegetables along with platters of breads, puddings and goblets of the finest ales (water).

Knattleikr (nettle-ick-ir) was a Norse game played with bat and ball. We don't know the rules, or the equipment that was actually used. The sagas tell us that it could be very violent and often ending with bloodshed due to disagreement. We created our own bat and ball version (less the bloody disputes this time).