"My little girls just love their school. The learning environment in the Pre-Prep is happy, safe and secure, and the children skip to school each morning full of excitement about the action-packed day ahead. What is so special about The Buchan for us is the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer, and the dedicated specialist staff who deliver each area of the curriculum with passion and expertise. On the Isle of Man, The Buchan is second to none."
"We have the chance to be independent because we have timetables and special teachers for each subject, we have to be responsible because we go to each lesson without a teacher leading us, so we can't be late."
"At the Buchan we are treated to some very nice food which includes snacks at break time. Every Wednesday we have something called Round the World Wednesday where we have food from different countries."
"I am sure you get an education like no other. The teachers are very friendly and understanding and teach you life skills you will never forget."
"The lessons are very interesting and make me feel ready to learn more as I grow up."
"The Sport at the Buchan is great, there are loads of them from rugby, netball, swimming to cross-country. If I was going to rate the sports it would be five out of five."
"I moved to the Buchan from a school in England, the Buchan has changed my life, it has given me the opportunity to try many different things, for instance before I came I didn't know what netball was, I tried it me first week and very much enjoyed it, I am now going on my second netball tour with ten other girls, we are attending the IAPS tournament and hoping to get through to the finals, on this tour we get to do lots of other things including visiting the chill factore, swimming, rock climbing and skiing!"
"We also get the chance to do languages for instance we can do Spanish and French. We are lucky because in French we actually have a French person to help us and we have a Spanish person teaching us in Spanish."
"I love the Buchan, I'm so happy I came to this school."
"The Buchan has something that most schools don't have, this is called the Buchan Badge. In the Buchan Badge you get to do a range of activities including nautical, cooking, theatre arts, equestrian and enterprise. This encourages the pupils here to explore and do something different from the normal school curriculum. Buchan Badge is definitely one of my favourite lessons, and is a lesson that everyone looks forward to and enjoys."
"My life at the Buchan is great because I have the chance to be in the chamber choir, we perform different songs like pop and jazz. There are a wide selection of musical instruments to learn like the violin, cello, piano, singing, I could go on for hours and this is why I love the Buchan school."
"We have lots of after school activities. I do netball, art and chess and there's a film club and swimming."
"When I joined the Buchan it was a big change to have specialist teachers, I get to move classrooms and I even get a science lab."
"My life at Buchan is great, full of friends and nice teachers. My favourite subjects are drama and art, we were lucky to be able to do some Shakespeare in our drama lessons."

They learn, they have fun, they always want to go back. children love this school.

James P