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Spring Fever Concert in aid of Parkinson's Disease IOM

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The ukulele group run by Miss Winstanley entertained parents and friends whilst they had refreshments before the start of the concert.

All the Prep choirs sang to the audience. Mrs Pamela Shimwell-Mayo (Chairman of the Parkinson's Society) spoke to the everyone and the Pre Prep children came into the hall and sang call and response songs showing their knowledge of musical terms.

P1, P2 and P3 sang fun group songs. The girls and boys sang their Guild solo songs. Lara played a lovely solo on the flute and Celize played a fabulous recorder solo. Winston, Juliet, John and Jared played their piano solos with great aplomb.

Mr Michael Cowin (Pullyman) who is on the Parkinsons committee recited a poem called 'Smile' written especially for the Buchan children.

Despite children being ill and away on sports fixtures the remaining children performed well.

Your kind support to the society will benefit those sufferers, carers and their families, £355 was raised. What an encouraging start to the awareness week.

SMILE by Mr Michael Cowin

If you're ever upset and are feeling run down,
Put a smile on your face and pretend you're a clown.
If your friends pass you by and don't ask how you feel,
Give your shoulders a shrug and say that's no big deal.
For no matter how grumpy or sad you appear,
There'll be someone who's worse off than you, don't you fear.

Just imagine an eagle that's frightened of heights,
Or a lion with toothache that hurts when he bites.
What a life it must be for a tiger with spots.
Or a short sighted whale always following yachts.

What a life for a bee that likes being alone,
And a dog who forgets where he's buried his bone,
There's a cat that I know that is frightened of mice,
And this talkative parrot says everything twice.

There's this owl that just whistles and can't give a hoot.
And a fruit bat, I'm told, that's allergic to fruit.
There's a sheep from St Johns that can moo like a cow
And a little kitten that can't say meow.

So you see what I mean when you hear what I say,
There are sure to be problems just coming your way.
But remember that fish who forgot how to float,
And that short necked giraffe that looks more like a goat.
When you look in your mirror just like what you see,
And say to the world, it's quite nice being me.