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P3 All Stars Concert

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Well done to all our magnificent P3 pupils and parents. What an excellent concert we had after school on Wednesday in the dining hall.

The event opened with Issac K reciting his Guild winning poem 'Windy Nights' by Robert Louis Stevenson. What a confident and polished performance this was. Emir played a super duet with his mother. Emir played 4 notes going down in pitch whilst his mother played the song 'Hit The Road Jack' on the cello. Emily played 'Nobody Knows The Trouble I'm In' on the piano and found her notes and played it beautifully. Winston played two pieces on the piano 'Rhino In The Mud' and 'The Juggler'. They were played very well indeed. Zara played and sang 'BINGO'. She gave us permission to sing with her the second time and our singing did not put her off her playing at all. Flynt played the 'Surprise Symphony' and managed all the skips well on the piano. Alexander played two pieces 'German Dance' and 'Waltz in G'. He really got the feel of the dances. Aristea played 'Falling Leaves' and really brought out all the dynamic markings. We were thrilled by her playing of 'Church Bell' she sang as she played too! Alexander played 'Twinkle, Twinkle' as a harp duet with his sister and then played 'Swinging'. We enjoyed their playing very much.

Grenya played her harp pieces from memory and we enjoyed her two little pieces entitled 'Rocking' and 'Cuckoo'. Grenya plays the harp in the orchestra and she enjoys the challenge of playing with older children and playing difficult pieces. We had a drummer next as Milo played some beats and rhythms on the drums. We can tell that he is going to take after his dad and Magnus. Sasha sang helped by Emma and Grenya. They sang 'Far Blue Sea' and 'The Haunted House'. Sasha sang 'The Fairies Dance' beautifully on her own.

All the P3 children along with Mrs Clucas, Mrs Billingsley-Evans and the parents sang 'You Gotta Be Good' as the Grand Finale. Mrs Billingsley-Evans made up her own words to the song complimenting the children on their performances.

What a marvellous event enjoyed by everyone. We are looking forward to next year when they do their Form 1 concert to hear how much they have all progressed.

Sue Mills (Head of Buchan Music)