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P3 All Star Concert

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The famous and fabulous P3 concert began with the children and parents singing the ‘Crazy Clapping’ song. They had to clap all the beats and then miss out beat one, then two, three then four. Some people found it very tricky!

Joe played us an entertaining version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ followed by Erik who played most of ‘Oh When The saints Go Marching In’ with both hands together. Pierre played ‘Rain, Rain. Go Away’ with his left hand. He read the notes carefully and counted the note values accurately. Alan sang the pop song ‘A Thousand Years’.

The children taught the parents the ‘Happy’ song where the pitch went gradually up and up and then the ‘Co-ordination Funk’ song where everyone had to stamp their feet and pat their heads whilst rubbing their tummies. Everyone had fun.

Rehan played ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ on the piano.  Everyone sang the song with him when he played it a second time. Rehan was very good as he kept the tune going. Sebby followed playing his red electric guitar. He played ‘Frere Jaques’ twice to a delighted audience. Naomi followed all of this with 7 exercises on the piano which she performed very well.

The P3 children sang their fabulous Guild pieces and everyone joined in with ‘Every Journey’. It was lovely to see Zara, Emir and Kye joining in along with Mrs Billingsley-Evans, Mrs Clucas and Mrs Lee and some parents!

Octavius ended the delightful programme by playing three tunes on the violin using the bow. He played one tune with open fingers and first fingers followed by open fingers and one and two fingers finishing up with open strings, first fingers, second and third fingers.

Well done to all the P3 children and everyone who joined in during this active ALL STARS.

We are looking forward to more exciting performances from everyone next year when they are in Form 1.

Miss Mills (Head of Buchan Music)