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P2 All Stars Concert

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Our fabulous final 'All Star Concert' was performed by the P2 children. The concert began with everyone singing 'Up and Down' followed by another Pre Prep favourite and Mrs Swifts too called 'Hang About'. Everyone enjoyed the actions and singing. We even had some parents joining in with the singing which was lovely.

Rehan played three little pieces on the piano. Everyone enjoyed and recognised 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'. He then played a dramatic duet with Miss Mills accompanying him called 'The Sea' followed by 'Marching' with his left hand on the notes C and B. Joe decided that he would like to play 'Twinkle, Twinkle' on the piano and Erik sang part of the minecraft song called 'Cold as Ice'.

All the children sang their favourite songs involving many of the musical terms such as, dynamics, pitch and tempo. They began this part of the concert with 'March to the Beat', The King's Feelings' and 'The Mouse and the Giant'.

Pierre wanted to sing 'Mr Aladdin'. He took hold of his mother's hand and got her up to sing to as she knew some of the words. They danced along too and we joined in. Eliza ended the concert by playing '1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive'.

The whole concert had a lovely relaxed feeling. All the children participated as soloists or in the group dancing, singing or doing both. They joined hands and took a bow at the end.

Congratulations P2 we cannot wait to hear you all perform when you are in P3.