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P2 All Star Concert

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The final concert in the series was given in the music room by the P2 class. They organised the programme of events. They sang the action song 'Hang About' followed by 'March To The Beat' to entertain their families and teachers. The first group of pianists performed. JJ, Millie, Charlotte, Mimi played solos and then Mimi and Charlotte played duets and took turns to play the top and bottom parts. They were very professional and took a bow at the end of their performances. All of the children stood to sing 'We're Detectives' another warm up song which helps the children learn all about musical terms and their meanings. They taught the audience their favourite rhyme which helps them learn all about dynamics called 'A Thousand Hairy Caterpillars'. The second group of pianists performed very well. The group was led by Fergal, followed by Ophelia and Madeleine. The pianists could find their notes, follow the music and play competently. The concert ended with the children singing their favourite song 'Every Journey'.

Well done to all the P2 children for performing so well. We look forward to seeing and hearing your progress during the P3 All Star Event in 2018.

Sue Mills (Head of Buchan Music)