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Music Workshop – PopUK

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Andy Silver from PopUK visited Buchan and KWC to run a series of workshops with the children.

In the morning he worked with the Form 4 and Lower 4 pupils at College. They practised, performed and recorded their songs.   He then was at Buchan in the afternoon to work with Pre Prep and then F2 and F3, along with over 40 pupils and staff from Scoill Yn Jubilee.

The songs the pupils learnt and performed were:

- "Walking in the light" - A two part song that highlights the importance of deepening our understanding of people who may have different cultures and backgrounds and how we react and behave towards them.

- "Will you 'like' me?" - The lyrics of this song are very relevant for operating in a world of social media. It helps us realise that we can portray false personas of ourselves.

- "1440 Minutes" - Musically this song has very tight rhythms which are sung in a rap style. The song highlights the importance of maximising the potential of every day.

Andy Silver started PopUK twelve years ago (then known as Pop Connection).  He has a wealth of experience:

• Studied Music at Cardiff and Southampton Universities
• High School teacher of Music and Director of Music for several years
• Music Director BBC Radio 4 and Radio 2 Religion & Ethics Dept
• Music Director Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony Manchester 2002
• Founding Director of charity PopUK - delivering social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning through music
• Author of 'Singing Out' - publisher Harper Collins Music