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Music Activities - Weeks 6 & 7

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Ralph in P2 has enjoyed all the activities.  Ralph and Xenia drew a picture of a bee whilst listening to The Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky Korsakov.  Faye painted a super picture of the bee.  Ralph thought slow music turns him into a flower growing and fast music changed him into a buzzy bee.  Xenia and Ralph along with Erin (P3) enjoyed the Chumbara challenge of moving two cups to the rhythm of the song. Xenia also enjoyed using household object to make sounds with.  George made sounds on kitchen objects and sent me a video.  George tested me by asking me to close my eyes and guess which out of all the objects he was playing.  He played a continuous pattern on his instruments too. 

Bernat in F1 completed the cup song perfectly and sent a lovely picture of The Entertainer by Scott Joplin (it’s worth listening too).

Maddie and Ophelia in F2 composed a Paper Tree composition where they layered paper sounds and textures together.  Evie G-A used the words brush n tap to compose different rhythm patterns by changing the words around.  Arthur completed the L-R artists list.  He enjoys Listening to Quinn the Eskimo by Manfred Mann.  He likes the organ at the start and the lyrics.  He also likes Another one bites the Dust by Queen because of the bass guitar, drum and lyrics. 

Grenya, Connor , Brodie and Evie in F3 completed the L-R artist challenge.  Grenya enjoys One Direction and the song One Way or Another.  She mentions that some words are repeated then they extend the words in another part of the song.  She likes the change of beat.   Connor enjoys listening to Lindsay Stirling.  Evie, Amira and her sister Hanna loved the cup challenge game.  Emilie and Alexander O successfully completed the challenge too.  Amira, Jamie and Isaac enjoyed the challenge of pinning a £5 note against a wall with their breath.  Isaac’s mum held it there the longest.  Jamie and Amira also enjoyed the challenge of taking a breath and blowing a candle out from various distances.


“For the pin the fiver I got 4 seconds and 23 milliseconds. For the second challenge I could blow out the candle from 105cm”.

They all did the challenges very well.  Lily, Amira and Evie drew pictures to represent Largo from The New World Symphony by Dvorak.  Ella played the piece by Dvorak on the piano and Ella and Jake played a duet together with Ella on the piano and Jake on the ukulele. 


“I think from listening to the piece of music by Dvorak that it shows a a great journey home after a long day or period away from home and the joy of finally getting home. This piece of music was one of my Granddads favourites and it was used in some famous Hovis bread adverts my Grandad is no longer with us”.

Please keep looking at the challenges and sending me some feedback either via video, pictures or a few sentences about what you have done.  The work is all on Firefly or Tapestry for P1 children.  There are exciting challenges for you to do each week.  I am getting some splendid feedback.  Please keep it coming as you are all doing so well.