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Music Activities this week

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This weeks notable work from Pre-Prep comes from Rosa and family (P1) who played Lazy Rhythms. They put rhythms together to make a really cool groove. They made a deep rounded sound (bass) on something like a plastic tray, a high sound using a shaker/scraper and something in the middle such as stones.
Lazy lie in – Bass
No mama – Middle
Get out of bed there’s something to do - High

Jessica together with dad put new words to this weeks action song and Jessica sang Twinkle Twinkle beautifully along with the actions. Well done everyone!

Faye and Georgia (P2) made super rhythm patterns on kitchen utensils and Ralph made up a Creature Beats Rhyme which he is allowing me to share.
“Creature Beat”:
I've a wallaby, that likes ten, he likes drawing with my pen.
I've a frog, that likes six, he likes stealing my Weetabix!!”

Freddie has completed the artists challenge K-Q. His favourite song this week is Oasis’s song Wonderwall. His least is Footloose sung by Kenny Loggins.

Erin (P3) demonstrated how she loves the actions songs and challenges. Xenia and Bernat enjoyed the action song ‘Have you ever….’ And ‘Once a Man….’

Octavius (F1) along with his sister Isolde also enjoyed the actions song and watched the topical VE Day videos and songs by various artists from 1940 to the present day. Bernat wrote about 1940’s music’s different styles, Jazz, Swing, Big Band similarities demonstrating the balance between music and optimism. He noted that it was listened to on the radio or records but now mp3 players, tablets and apple ipads were used.

Bernat has enjoyed the new action song this week Once A Man…. He traced the pitch of it well and made new actions. His sister Xenia did the same and they both sang the song well. Bernat and Cathy coloured in the listening picture to go along with Prokofiev’s music entitled Dance of the Knights.

Arthur F (F2) listened to music from the 1960’s---- and enjoyed answering questions about the music clips. Jayden and Cathy enjoyed quiz 1 (1940’s-60’s music) Jamie, Ella and Jake enjoyed quiz 2 (1960’s-90’s music).

Ophelia has done some wonderful work on all the set topics over the last few weeks.

Alexander O (F3) enjoyed all the music quizzes.

Our VE Day work in F3 was covered very well. Evie G-A drew a picture of Vera Lynn singing to the troops. Hanna drew her representation of The White Cliffs of Dover. She wrote about what she felt about the music stating that the older style of music used lots of trumpets which reminded her of Christmas songs. She didn’t like how they used very low voices which then went very high in songs.

Freya, Amira, Brodie, Flynt, Connor and Isolde (F3) drew Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover. Grenya drew Run Rabbit Run. Lily drew Soldiers, Bluebirds and a Spitfire to represent the music. Amelie drew a train and a soldier meeting a woman at the station representing We’ll Meet Again. Isaac drew a picture of George Formby’s famous song which he sang for the troops in France called When I’m Cleaning Window. Some pictures are included and all the children were awarded housepoints for their work. Brodie drew up a long list of 1940’s music compared to music today.