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Music Activities - Week 5 & 6

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Rosa in P1 enjoyed making loads of bubbles with a sock and singing the Bubble song.

Freddie in P2 drew a picture to represent the song ‘You‘ve Got a Friend in me’. He drew a picture of mum and dad and said that they love the song. It reminds him of love, friendship and mummy and daddy. Ralph drew two best friend balloons to represent the song. Freddie has also listened to The Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky Korsakov and drew and coloured in a picture of a bee. Grace sent some more videos of her singing the note names C D E F and G as she played a piece on the piano. She can cleverly play with both hands together. Grace has been doing the warm up activities and remembers the words and actions well.  Xenia played rhythms on kitchen utensils and did some super work on levels of pitch with actions.

Cathy in F1 listened to Hoe Down by Aaron Copland and completed the listening colouring in activity she also drew a picture about the piece and found out a lot of information about the composer. She also drew a picture of a piano to depict The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. Cathy had fun trying the challenge of keeping a five pound not on the wall by taking a big breath and breathing out slowly to keep the money on the wall.  Bernat sang Tony Chestnut well and missed out words and kept the actions going well. He also drew a picture about the piece by Copland. Charlie enjoyed making up a ringtone and listening to Copland’s music.  William drew a picture of ducks with ducklings swimming on a pond to represent The Entertainer by Scott Joplin.

Arthur F composed a rhythmic piece about oranges and successfully wrote about his favourite artists from F-K. Ophelia and Maddie composed a piece together in Rondo form about pizzas and sang it using call and response. Alexander U enjoyed singing the warm up song Tony Chestnut. Arthur P enjoys writing about artists.  One of the artists he enjoys is John Denver an American singer-songwriter.  He enjoys the singing and lyrics to the song Take me Home. Arthur also composed a piece about pizza’s. Evie G-A did the pizza composition challenge. She enjoys pepperoni  and mushrooms on her pizza. Evie wrote out her rhythms to go with her lyrics.

Hanna sang a song in Rondo form. 

Hanna and Amira tried the Samba challenge with their mum and dad. ‘Mum did the pulse with a wooden spoon and a box, dad used a pan and oven gloves and a wooden spoon and Hanna used 2 pans, different sizes with a metal spoon for a different rhythm and Amira used cereal in a plastic box as a shaker’. It was harder than they thought but they had lots of fun doing it!  Amelie G enjoyed the samba challenge with family members using glasses filled with water which make different pitches. Cymbals, saucepan lids and a mixing bowl were used to make different rhythms.

Isaac K enjoyed making up ideas for movie clip scenes. Evie W enjoys the artist Freddie Mercury (Queen) and the song Bohemian Rhapsody. She enjoys the harmony and different styles of music and Lady Gaga ‘Born this way’. She enjoys the rhythm and lyrics in this song. Connor enjoys the Kaiser CHIEFS SONG Oh my God – Stay at Home Edition – they changed the words so they are relevant to the coronavirus situation and they are quite funny. He loves the music composition and the fact that the beat works well with the singer’s voice. He also likes Freddie Mercury but doesn’t understand the words. He enjoys it because the music is moving, low, strong and powerful.  Grenya likes Idina Menzel – Show Yourself.  She likes the tune and you feel the drama. She doesn’t like the start of the pieces as it’s just the piano. Sam C enjoys listening to Mozart.  Freya enjoys James Brown and the song I Feel Good.  She likes the lyric and tune. Jamie also enjoyed the artist challenge.  One of the artists he enjoys is Bon Jovi and the song Livin on a Prayer. He likes the drum and guitar in it and the good singing.  Isolde enjoys Hana Montana – He could be the one. She likes it because it’s funky and rock.  Lily M enjoys George Ezra and the pieces Shotgun and Budapest but does not like Paradise.  Brodie enjoyed the F-K of artists challenge.  He created music and dialogue for scenes of a movie about ants.  Alexander O enjoyed the Tony Chestnut warm up challenge.