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Mr McKee visit

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Mr McKee has always been interested in music and recording tracks of his own. He did some work with the Form 4 pupils. He concentrated on Tempo, Layering, Drum Machines, Synthesizers and different instruments.

He used Maschine Studio, Keyboard and Native Instruments Maschine Software. He concentrated on Dance Music, EDM and Hip Hop. He mentioned that Hip Hop was 90-100 BPM and Dance 110-130 BPM (Beats Per Minute).

The children layered a sample in four, four time with 120 BPM. Bella used step mode with drums on the down beats and Hi Hat open and closed on the up beats and recorded claps. Lucas introduced bass guitar sound on the keyboard and Shannon improvised a tune on the keyboard. He told them about James Brown being the godfather of soul music and that he used every instrument as a drum. Anna recorded some muted trumpet sounds from the keyboard and Sam some chords.

Millie and Holly recorded some beats for a Hip Hop track and Gavin was keen to add Hi Hat note repeats. Isabelle R and Scarlett added the bass line and Eoin and Charlie were keen to be involved and added some cool background sounds.

The children were keen to ask questions.
Gavin – "How much is the equipment?" - £1000s
Bella – "How long had you being using the equipment?" – 5 years
Sam – "How long does it take to make a track?" Sometimes straightaway others an hour or three to four weeks.
Isabella C – "How many tracks have you made?" 100s
Shannon – "What's your favourite track?" "What music do you like listening too?" Mr McKee has thousands of vinyl records and from the 60's - he likes band like the 'Beatles' and 'Rolling Stones'. At the moment he likes the artist 'Rag and Bone Man'.

I recorded some small samples of what they were doing and Mr McKee is going to put them altogether and make a track which is uniquely theirs. We thanked him very much for coming in and showing us a different way of making music using specialised equipment.

Sue Mills (Head of Buchan Music)