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The Manx Music Festival 2019

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Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April

The 2019 Manx Music, Speech and Dance Festival has begun! A huge well done to everyone who took part over the weekend.

We had lots of pupils involved in the Folk Song (Years 4 to 8) class on Saturday.  The class had super results with only a few points separating all the competitors.   

In Sunday’s organ classes at St Thomas’ Church Carys (M5) was awarded the Joice Gelling Trophy in the Intermediate class while Gareth Moore won the Advanced class and was awarded the Pollard Trophy.  In the dance classes Francesca (F4) won the Ballet Solo (Years 3 to 6).

Monday 29th April

On Monday morning Isaac (F2) won the Boys' Treble Solo (Years 1 to 4) class and will now compete for the Sheffield Plate – a huge well done! Emir (F2) came second in the same class.   Isaac and Jacob then came third in the Duet (Years 3 to 6).

Congratulations to Arwen (L4) who won the Pianoforte Solo (Grades 5 & 6) class, playing Mike Cornick’s “Film Noir” and receiving the Margaret Callow Cup.   Well done to the other pianists who competed in their various classes, including Toby (L5) who came second in the Piano Solo (Grades 3 & 4) class.

Darcey (L5) and Teddy (L5) won their Duologue class and were praised for their excellent use of the stage.

Tuesday 30th April

Tuesday was another busy day at the Guild.  Well done to all the girls who took part in the Girls’ solo classes.  Jacob (F3) came third in the Boys' Treble Solo (Years 5 & 6) with a Distinction certificate. 

Maeve (L5) won the Monologue (Years 9 -11) in a really strong class with some stunning performances. She was awarded the Grosvenor Rose Bowl for her interpretation of Vanessa, a monologue by Susan Pomerance.

Wednesday 1st May

Congratulations to Grace (L5), who won the Cello/Double Bass Class (Grade 6+), and Anna (U5), who won the Violin/Viola Class (Grade 6+) on Wednesday.

Rebecca (F2) won the Reading From The Bible Class for Years 3 to 6 - her first time entering!  She was awarded the Edwin and Jane Creer Cup and the adjudicator commented on her “strong vocal tone and excellent projection”. Well done Rebecca!

Oliver (L4) came second in the Public Speaking Class (Years 7 & 8).  This was his first time Public Speaking and his speech was thought provoking and jam packed with information. 

Thursday 2nd May

The Buchan choirs were in action in the Up to Year 6 Classes.  The ‘Falcons’ (Boys’ choir) achieved 84 points (Commended) while the ‘Doves’ (Girls’ choir) achieved 88 points (Distinction) and came joint second.

Congratulations to Amira (F2) who won the Spoken Word (Year 4) with her recitation of “Marmalade” by Peter Dixon. The poem is about a cat who has sadly passed away and Amira used her own personal experiences with her own cats to bring her emotion to her performance.

In the Instrumental Solo classes Arwen (L4) came second in the Woodwind (Grades 4 to 5) and her performance awarded a Distinction.

Friday 3rd May

Freyja (L4) won the Original Composition in Poetry or Prose (Up to Year 11) class, having written and performed a poem based on a Manx theme.  In the Public Speaking (Years 9 to 13) class on Friday afternoon, Darcey (L5) came second in a closely fought competition with a fun speech about her experience of D of E. 

The Buchan Chamber Choir were Commended for their performance in the Mixed Choirs (Years 3 to 6) class, achieving 86 marks.

Isaac (F2) took part in the Sheffield Plate competition on Friday night for all the winners in the Junior Vocal classes.  He sang ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’ on the stage in the Villa Marina’s Royal Hall. The adjudicator was very pleased with how each competitor performed.  Isaac then went on to win the Boys' Solo In Manx (Up to Year 10) on Saturday morning.  Well done Isaac - we wish you all the very best in your future musical performances.


Saturday 4th May

The Buchan Bluebirds received a great second place in the Mixed Choirs Up to Year 2 on Saturday morning in the Royal Hall with their performance of “Hawaiian Rainbow” and “I’m a Giraffe”.

The Buchan Eagles gained a commended mark for their performance in the Vocal Ensemble up to year 13 class.  They sang 'What the World Needs Now'.  The adjudicator commented that it was a most gentle performance sung carefully with style, accuracy and that they conveyed to the audience in a way to make them listen.

Well done to the KWC Choir who performed in the Concert Class (Up to Year 13) on Saturday evening.