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King William's College Science Day

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Youngsters were invited to delve into the mysteries of biology, chemistry and physics as King William's College hosted its second Investigating Science Day.

Year 6 pupils from The Buchan School and primary schools across the Island spent the day working in the College's science labs in an attempt to solve a series of puzzles. The day is aimed at giving children in the final year of primary school a taste of what to expect when studying biology, chemistry and physics.

Students investigated a mysterious canine illness by analysing dung (not real dung!), they solved a murder mystery using forensic techniques, and learned how to modify a pendulum to keep perfect time. Some students even managed to measure the gravitational field strength of the Earth!

At the end of the day the students gathered together in the Bragg Lecture Theatre for a series of demonstrations involving everything from launching fuel driven rockets to dipping bananas in liquid nitrogen.

Niall Howell Evans, Head of Science, said: 'Investigating Science remains one of the highlights of the calendar for us. It never ceases to amaze me how much energy and enthusiasm young students have for the sciences and it is a real privilege to be able to share some practical activities which they might otherwise only see on television.'