ICT and Computing

The world of IT moves faster than teachers ever will. With this in mind, there is one aim that underpins the IT curriculum at The Buchan School - teaching children how to troubleshoot problems.

There will always be better, faster and more efficient ways of using IT and by experiencing a range of software & hardware, it is our aim that children will discover similarities and differences in computer interfaces and methods independently. These skills can then be applied to future IT problems which we have yet to conceive!

Below is a list of categories which will hyperlink you to its relevent folder. These link to sites which are suitable for use in and outside the classroom to aid childrens' learning. These 'Weblinks' as the children know them, can be used to recap IT skills, for finding help with homework and supporting your child with a resource used in lessons. Click on the titles below to view the folder.

They learn, they have fun, they always want to go back. children love this school.

James P