The Houses

The rationale of the House system is to encourage leadership, responsibility, involvement, loyalty, cooperation and good discipline amongst all students. On entering the Buchan all students become members of a House and are expected to do their best for it in their work in lessons and in their commitment to extra-curricular activities.

At the Buchan we are very proud of all of the children and look to celebrate their achievements throughout each term. One way that we do this is through the House Points system and children can be awarded any number of House Points for completing an excellent piece of work; for spontaneous acts of kindness; for meeting a personal target and each week we aim to highlight those children who have earned a notable number of House Points by inviting them to stand up in Friday assembly to be applauded by the rest of the School.

At the end of the term the child who has gained the greatest number of House Points in their House is awarded a Gold Star. However, we recognise that a great many children work incredibly hard and earn very many House Points but may never be awarded a Gold Star. To address this we have designed a range of certificates from Bronze to Platinum to highlight those children who have reached certain milestones in a term and we have made each of those targets tough, but achievable.

The House System plays a more prominent role in the Prep Department. Each House is led by House Tutors and individual House Assemblies are held once each half-term.

The four Houses commemorate famous Viking rulers of the Island.

They learn, they have fun, they always want to go back. children love this school.

James P