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Guild 2017

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Summary of The Guild - Manx Music Festival.

All our Choirs gained DISTINCTION marks at the Guild.

The Chamber Choir and  Boys' Choir came first in their class with the Buchan Bluebirds gaining a well deserved second.  Well done to our vocal soloists in the choir and Celize who accompanied the Girls' choir superbly on the recorder and Mia who played the rainstick at the correct moments.  The Orchestra came first.  Jared won his piano class.  Arwen came second in her piano class.  Evan won his Boys' Solo Class with Sam H coming third.  Evan also won the Boys' Manx Solo in Manx, he also came third in the Folk Song class with over forty in it with his grandad accompanying him on the piano.  There were many distinction and merit marks in the Girls' solo, Boys' solo, piano solo and piano own choice classes.  Anna won her cornet class.  Well done to our woodwind and whistle players and marvellous harpists.  The Boys' who came to sing at the Guild Finalists Concert on Saturday night were brilliant.  The behaviour of our pupils was exemplary.  Thank you to all their music teachers for preparing them so well.  Thanks also to all the parents who brought and collected children to and from the Guild this year.  Thank you for your continued support.

What a brilliant Manx Music Festival 125th Year the Buchan has had.  Well done everyone!

If you would like to hear our winning choirs singing please google Manx Radio Listen Again (On Demand) Judith Ley at the Manx Music Festival Thursday 27th April and Friday 28th April.  They could possibly be on her programme on Saturday 29th April and special programme of highlights from the guild on Sunday 30th April.

A Very Happy and Exceptionally Proud Head of Buchan Music.


The Final Day of Guild Week.

What a splendid week it has been for all our soloists and choirs.

First for the 'Boys' Choir' and the 'Chamber Choir'.  Second for the Girls' Choir and The 'Buchan Bluebirds'.  We have two fabulous trophies for the choirs and not forgetting the orchestras fabulous win gaining them a trophy too.

The Bluebird Choir gained second place in the 'Mixed Choir (Up to Year 2) with 87 marks and (Distinction). The adjudicator said that 'The Rainbow Connection' was lovely, well done!  He said that the choir sang with clear words and tone, also projection.  They watched the conductor very carefully, and controlled the breath well.  'You Gotta be Good' was in his opinion a very good contrast.  The movements were strong and clear.  The higher notes were 'produced' very well here, matching the lower ones safely.  He said that the choir was clearly well-trained and rehearsed.  Super, well deserved compliments.

All the staff were proud of their behaviour and committment to singing and doing their very best.

Evan who has been a real credit to Form 4 and Buchan throughout Guild week gained first place in the Boys' Solo in Manx Class 9 Up to Year 10 gaining 83 marks (Merit) with Aidan coming second with 81 marks (Merit).  Very well done boys as it is difficult singing in Manx.  Evan has come away with another trophy to add to his collection.

The Boys' Choir represented the school in the 'Festival Finest' concert.  Well done boys.

Thank you to our parents for supporting and transporting throughout the week.


The Buchan Chamber Choir won their class at the Guild and added another trophy to the collection. They got 87 marks (Distinction).

The children were praised for their excellent presentation in the song 'Simple Gifts'.  The adjudicator commented on their lovely animated facial expressions.  She said that the phrases were shaped and the legato line was sustained.  There was a good balance and blend of voices all matching in tone.  The diction was articulate and consonants crisp.  She said that it was an accomplished performance.

She enjoyed 'In the Arms of an Oak' which was another composition by Andy Beck whom I personally adore as a composer of music for children.  She said that it was a lovely contrasting repertoire.  All vowel sound matches together throughout the choir.  Again, there was confident part singing.  The performance was technically assured with some good use of gesture reflecting the text.

What fabulous remarks for our special Chamber Choir pupils who have worked extra hard this week after three weeks holiday and not singing together for so long!

Special thanks go to Mr Moore yet again for his superb piano playing.  He kept everything going as usual with his fantastic playing and for keeping me calm!

Three trophies so far, Orchestra, Boys' Choir and Chamber Choir.  Good work Buchan Musicians.



Another terrific day at the Guild for Buchan pupils.

The Boys' Choir 'Buchan Falcons' won their class with 87 marks (Distinction).  Evan started the song 'One Candle' and the adjudicator Bryan Husband said 'What a beautiful solo with clear projection, diction and consistent tone'.  He wrote positive comments about the song 'Clap Your Hands, Rejoice'.  He said that boys are not reputed to multi –task and that the clapping, words and part-singing were accurate, effective and enthusiastic.  The piece had the appropriate energy and projection.  Well done!  They are singing in the 'Festival's Finest 2017' Saturday, 29th April at the Royal Hall, Villa Marina at 7.30pm.

The Girls' Choir 'The Doves' came joint second in their class.  He said that the song 'Ribbons in the Sky' was very expressive from the opening recorder solo: the tone of the choir was clear and gentle yet projected.  He said the girls captured the contrast in 'Riversong' very expressively, with a good range of dynamic level.  The rhythms were energetic and the lines were securely independent and accurate.  He said that it was very musical and touching.  Well done!

THANK YOU to our Wonderful Director of Music Mr Gareth Moore for accompanying us so beautifully and putting up with my mad conducting!

Well done to Shannon playing her Flute and Celize playing her recorder they did themselves proud gaining 85 marks (Commended)


What a fantastic day!

The Buchan Orchestra were AWESOME!  They gained 86 marks (Commended), gained first place and won the trophy.  The adjudicator Kay Tucker praised us for having student conductors who gave clear gestures.  She mentioned the strong character of the Tango which was beautifully demonstrated in the actions of Sam who conducted this piece.  She enjoyed the variety of pieces and the contrast between the 'Andante', 'Tango and Cha Cha' and finally' Yankee Doodle'.  She said that the tuning was generally focused and the strong rhythmic support was provided by the excellent work done by the percussion section and the pianists Jared and Amelie.  Her final sentence sums everything up. WELL DONE – YOU ARE A CREDIT TO YOUR SCHOOL!

Promenade Suite

Girls' Solo (Year 5) 'Red Top Knots'.  Freyja, Celize and Emily all gained 86 marks (Commended) for singing this most difficult song.

Girls' Solo (Year 4) 'Sing Soft and Low'.  Tianna and Phoebe D sang beautifully and were Commended.  Myla got a Merit and Summer sang beautifully.  Well done girls!

Girls' Solo (Year 6) 'Brown Berry'.  Another difficult Manx Traditional Song.  Shannon gained 86 marks, Holly 85 and Millie 84.  They were all Commended.  Isabelle gained 83 marks and a Merit.

The final competition of the day was Boys' Solo (Years 5 and 6).   'The King of the Sea'. Arthur gained 84 marks (Commended).  Sam came third with 87 marks (Distinction) and Evan D got 89 (Distinction).  The adjudicator said that he had a lovely smile and that he engaged with the song.  She mentioned that he had a lovely sound and warmth to his voice.  She enjoyed the momentum he brought to the song and good vocal line.  She loved his facial interaction and said that it was an enjoyable and communicative performance.

Evan has qualified for the Sheffield Plate Competition for all winners of the solo singing competitions held during the week.

We wish Evan all the very best for Friday and the choirs for Thursday, Friday and Saturday!


Royal Hall at the Villa Marina

Jared won the Pianoforte Solo (Grade 1-3) class playing 'Strange Things Happen' by S Watts.  He gained 90 marks (Outstanding).  He gave a faultless performance and was commended highly for his musicality.

Jared S won the 'Alison Trophy' which Miss Mills won back in the 70's and his mother won in the 80's.  Arwen gained 82 marks in the Piano Sight Test (up to Year 6) and as the only competitor in this class she was praised for her courage and determination and did so well to get a Merit mark and won her class.  Arwen went on to come second in the Pianoforte Solo – Own Choice class (Grades 1-3) with a mark of 89 (Distinction)  Juliet came joint fourth with 87 (Distinction). Phoebe D, Ben B, Alexander, and Arthur got commended for their performances and Jared, Amelie, Phoebe T, Albert, Aristea and David gained Merit marks.

Promenade Suite

The Girls' Solo (Years 1-3) class was very long but all our Buchan girls did themselves proud.  One of our youngest competitors Alicia got 87 marks (Commended).  Isabella, Rosie, Gigi and Aristea all gained Merits. Amira gained 80 marks (medium).

Arthur and his younger brother Alexander were given 83 marks (Merit) in their Pianoforte Duet class (Years 1-6) and gained second place.

Arwen and her big sister Carys came second in the Pianoforte Duet (Up to Year 8).  They gained 85 marks (Commended).

Well done to all our performers.

Friday and Saturday

On Friday 21st April Anna R won the Instrumental Solo-Brass (Up to Year 6) playing the cornet.  She gained 86 marks (Commended).  The Junior Folk Song Class took place on Saturday morning.  The competitors delivered some beautiful storytelling, light and shade and variety of dynamics.  Folk tales from all corners of the British Isles and further afield along with Manx Folk Songs were sung.  Evan D came a magnificent third out of forty competitors with 88 marks (Distinction).  His grandad Jimmy accompanied him.  He sang 'A Scottish Soldier' by Andy Stewart and in keeping they both wore their kilts.  Sam gained 81 marks and a Merit. All competitors received a special certificate to celebrate the 125th Manx Music Festival.

Sue THE PROUD Mills (Head of Buchan Magical Music)