Learning a foreign language can be enormously beneficial in helping children to gain a deeper understanding of their own language and literacy. It also gives them opportunities to learn about foreign culture, enabling them to make comparisons with their own way of life in the Isle of Man.

At The Buchan School, children learn French from P1 through to Form 4. They enjoy taking part in many different activities during our fun and interactive lessons. These include songs, stories, video clips, practising and presenting role-plays, playing games using new language, writing and working on phonics to help with pronunciation.

As well as learning to speak, comprehend, read and write in French, children also learn about France (and other French-speaking countries) and the French culture. Several times a year, the children also enjoy sampling a variety of French foods in our French café area.

In Form 4, the children have the opportunity to work with the French Language Assistante from King William's College, allowing them to practise their conversation skills and perfect their French accents. In March each year, The Buchan School celebrates 'International Francophonie Day'. All staff and pupils take part in an unforgettable French-themed cross-curricular activity day and at lunchtime, the fantastic kitchen team provide delicious French cuisine.

They learn, they have fun, they always want to go back. children love this school.

James P