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Form 3 All Star Event

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Form 3 All Star Event

The Form 3’s excelled on Wednesday.  They certainly were ALL STARS as their performances were superb and there was such a variety of acts.

Brodie began our concert.  He gave his first ever recital playing Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’ from memory to a delighted audience. 

F3D’s pianists were Rebecca, Amira, Kye, Zara, Connor and Alexander.  Connor gave his first ever performance as he has just started learning.  He played pieces called ‘Who’s knocking’ and ‘Ladybird’.  It was Rebecca’s first solo performance at school and she played ‘Dusty Blue’.  Alexander showed his proficiency by playing two piano pieces, one of which was ‘Hedwig’s Theme Tune’ from Harry Potter.  F3I’s pianists were Emily, Isaac K, Elsa, Amelie G, Isolde and Flynt.  For Amelie and Isolde it was their first solo performances at a school event.  Amelie played ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ and Isolde played ‘The Juggler’.  All the Form 3 pianists showed how much they had improved over the year and gave superb performances.

The F3D singers included Amira, Kye, Lily and Eve S.  It was the first time we had heard Eve sing a solo in front of an audience and she sang ‘She’s in Love’ beautifully.  We heard Edith and Lily sing ‘I’d do anything’ as a duet.  F3I singers included Alicia, Isaac K and Freya.  We enjoyed listening to Freya singing ‘My name is Tallulah’ from ‘Bugsy Mallone’.  Edith’s first solo at school was Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.  Amelie, Georgina, Alicia and Grenya demonstrated the ‘Hop tu naa’ dance which they had learnt before half term.  Georgina demonstrated her solo tap dancing skills to perfection.  Well done to all our singers and dancers you performed brilliantly.

There were a variety of instrumental performances.  Edith in F3D played her trombone.  Lily and Eve S demonstrated their drumming skills (they are both in the orchestra and Eve S plays with the Rushen Silver Band).  Erica played ‘Get Up and Go’ which is one of the exercises she has to learn for her Violin Prep Test. Sam played ‘Skipping Machine’ on his violin - he is enjoying being in the ‘String Band’.  Alexander played ‘Automate’ on the harp.  Grenya also played the harp and we enjoyed listening to the piece ‘Looking at a rainbow through a dirty window’.  In F3I Oscar T played played ‘Cardiff by the sea' on the pTrumpet after only a few lessons.  Well done Oscar and all our instrumentalists.

Amelie, Georgina, Alicia and Grenya ended our fabulous concert by singing ‘A Whole New World’.

Well done to all the Form 3 pupils who gave great performances.  What a variety!  You are a talented group.  Some pupils have started learning the guitar, drum and brass instruments and came along to support their friends.  We are hoping to hear them in the future as they hone their skills. 

Thank you to all the music teachers who have taught them so well.  Special thanks to Mr Leach who set up the drum kit and Mrs Keggin Gell who accompanied some of the singers.

Well done again to all of Form 3 pupils who gave us such a good first concert in our series of ‘All Star’ events.

Miss Sue Mills (Head of Buchan Music)