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Form 3 All Star Concert

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The Form 3's began our termly concert series this year. They have certainly become more confident as performers since their last concert in Form 2.

Our drummers Summer and Oskar began the show by playing complicated rhythms to a steady four beats. We were amazed at their skills and how they changed their rhythm pattern. Mr Leach their drum teacher was on hand to count the beats.

Our pianists were Emily, Rosie, Archie, Jack, Charlotte, Charlie, Max and John. They played confidently and with good dynamics. Some of the pieces were very dramatic and the audience appreciated the variety. We had the spooky Hall of the 'Hall of the Mountain King' and the 'Can – Can' being played. Zoe played a mixture of pieces which led into 'Jingle Bells'.

Isabella and Ruby played recorder pieces. Isabella played 'Mama Mia' and Ruby ' My Heart Will Go On' from the film Titanic.

Martin played his cello piece from memory. He is becoming quite the expert and is in the 'Awesome Orchestra' along with Bob, Maya, Zoe, Charlotte, Ruby, Isabella and Summer from this year group.

Singers for the evening were Emily, Gigi and Rosie who sang 'Let Him Go Let Him Tarry' beautifully. Charlotte and Emily sang 'Defying Gravity' with the backing track and did some actions to go along with it. (Very Brave!)

Jacob sang a song about a Hippo, he was joined by Martin to sing 'Land of the Silver Birch'. Jack sang a song about a Spanish town. We even had some street dancing by the talented Zoe who did some fabulous steps. How she remembered all those moves I don't know!

What talented Form 3 pupils we have and my how you have progressed. We look forward to hearing your performances during the year.