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Form 2 All Stars

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The Form 2's gave Star Quality Performances and demonstrated their progression throughout the year.

Amelie played 'Down Up' on the strings of the cello after having two cello lessons. Alex played a guitar piece called 'Douce Dame Jolie'. We felt transported to a warm, relaxing haven. Oliveia played a lovely piece on the piano with both hands. Jack played 'Ode To Joy' and we felt like singing along. Ben played 'Dragon Hunt' on the piano and we could hear the dragon pounding up and down and were impressed with how he manged to move his hands up and down the keyboard so well.

Tianna and Amelie sang a song about a 'Grandfather Clock'. Phoebe T played 'Merrily We Roll Along' on her clarinet beautifully and then played 'Rock Around The Clock' on the piano and we felt like singing and dancing along. Her big brother Magnus came along to support her. Theo who does not learn the piano played 'Doh a Deer' with both hands together and we enjoyed his performance.

Ryan demonstrated his skills on the guitar and used a capo to change the pitch as he played the theme from 'Star Wars'. Issy who had been practising the piano pieces until they were perfect played 'Brass Fanfare and 'Little River' faultlessly.

Jared played 'Pink Panther' and a lovely jazzy piece called 'Strange Things Happen' on the piano. We are always thrilled by his fantastic playing. Oliver N who has never played at a concert before and does not learn an instrument played 'Crazy Frog by Axle F' which we all knew and recognised from his playing.

Mollie, Autumn and Amelie sang the beautiful song 'My Favourite Things'. Amelie then played 'La Mourisque' on the piano. Amelie had been very busy going from one instrument to the next. Autumn and Lily sang a lullaby 'Golden Slumbers'. Tilly and Autumn sang the very beautiful song 'Seagull' by Lin Marsh.

Lily played 'La Donna e Mobile' on the piano. Ben played 'Star Wars' on the piano and then some beat and rhythm work on the Djembe drum. Tilly and Emily sang the song 'Defying Gravity' and then they were joined by Issy to sing the Little Mix Song 'Black Magic'.

The Form 2's played and sang very well indeed. We had a very mixed programme from the children who have instrumental and singing lessons and also those who don't so it really was a mixed bag of entertainment.

Congratulations to all the children who stayed to perform. Well done to Form 2 for announcing their performances and taking a bow when they had finished.

Sue Mills (Head of Buchan Music)