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Form 2 All Stars

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Wednesday 24th January

The Form 2 pupils rose to the occasion and performed well during their concert. There was plenty of variety ranging from brass, woodwind, string, piano and vocals.

Our pianists began with Charlie playing 'My Day Dream', Rosie 'Summer Evening', Archie 'Bayou Blues', Jack 'The Clock Shop' , Frederick 'Little Bird' and 'Spring', Charlotte played a waltz. Emily enjoyed playing 'Monkey Business' and changed the tempo each time she played it. Juliet played 'Allegretto' a fast lively piece. John played 'Asian Tiger Prowl' from memory.

Ruby and Isabella played two recorder duets ' Skating Along' and 'Playing on C'. Bob showed us his silver cornet and we enjoyed his playing of 'When The Saints Go Marching In'. Oscar enjoyed showing us his pBone trombone and moved the slider to play some lovely low sounds.

Our string players were Charlotte and Martin. Charlotte learns the violin in the String Band and she played one of her pieces called 'Cheeky Monkey' and Martin showed his skills on the cello by playing 'Miss Mary Mac'. Martin mouthed the words to help him keep the rhythm. He showed us his lovely bowing and made a super sound.

The Form 2 Girls Isabella, Charlotte, Rosie, Juliet, Emily B and Gigi all sang the difficult guild song 'Singing in the bath' and it was difficult for them not too giggle too much as they had to make a sound in the song which sounds like bubbles being blown. Jack, Martin and Jacob sang their song called 'The Lighthouse'.

The duets came from Rosie and Juliet who sang 'Lavender's Blue' and Emily B and Martin who sang 'Seagull'.

Our soloists were Jacob who sang 'Grandfather Clock' and then a Manx song called 'Traa dy Ghole dy Valley' unaccompanied! Gigi sang 'Home on the Range' and Golden Slumbers' and Jack sang 'The Haunted House on the Hill'.

The girls who are in the 'Doves' sang all the way through the song 'Firefly' in preparation for the Guild and the boys in the 'Falcons' sang 'Creatures of the Deep'. As John so rightly pointed out they were only a few of the singers who are in the choir. I was pleased with how they performed.

Well done to all the solo instrumentalists and singers. It was a great concert enjoyed by all the parents and friends who came along to support them. Playing or singing in front of an audience builds up the children's confidence and they make improvements to their performances the more they do it. Congratulations to everyone. We look forward to hearing them perform either at the Guild or in future concerts at school.

Miss Mills (Head of Buchan Music)